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Mohican hair for men


Mohican hairstyle, or what is more commonly known as mohawk hairstyles is a huge trend among most men who like the funkier side of fashion and style. The cuts, as we are familiar with, g=features shaved sides with a long hair at the top racing from the temple to the nape of the head.


Derived from iro or Iroquois, the mohawk has a long history of having been around for generation, dating to centuries back where it originated, and was usually seen from the people living in the Mohawk valley.


The mohawk hairstyle today features so many variations that there has been different version of the hairstyles derived from it. The type of hairstyle changes from an individual to another, but we have gone out and looked around for some of the variations and styles of Mohican hairstyle that we could find on men.


While the mohawk, at one point it was for the punks, the hairstyle is now worn casually by almost everyone, and has become mainstream with the large number of celebrities as well as common men sporting it.


Buzzed cut mohawk features short shaven sides with the long strip of hair racing down from a longer length to a shorter as it follows a path along the head down to the nape. The shocking strip of hair can be worn straight, having been styled with hair products like pomade or gels.


The tapered cut while it is famous and a favorite on its own, it has become so much trendier after incorporating it into the Mohican hairstyle, that now features tapered sides instead of the usual shaved ones.


Short Mohicans are also a favorite among men who like the hair shorter and easier to be maintained. It reduces the amount of effort that has to be gone in maintaining the long hair that is typical of the Mohican.


High fades or low fade are also another style that can be incorporated into the typical one. There are yet gain variations of this from individuals.


African-American men are also able to sport this look on their curly manes and we must say, that it looks just as trendy. Some clean cut lines along the fading sides add great detail and style to the cut.


The long mohawk continues to be trending among the hipster population. The long hair, be it blonde or brunette has become very p0pular among the men these days and you can see it on almost every man. The length as it gets longer required more maintenance.


For cooler looks, short mohawk with a dyed strip amidst the long central hair can be suggested. The variety of styles that can be done on this type of hairstyle provides for individuality among the men sporting them. The low or the high fades, the tapered or the buzz cuts, or even the long and short strips, be it straight or curly or wavy are just few of the common ones.


There are perhaps thousands of men out there with way more unique Mohican hairstyles that we simply have not seen, but we hope that we do. Till then, we hope some of these styles inspired you to get one like that for yourself.

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