Mohawk For Men



Mohawks for Men




With changing times, the need for transformation is inevitable everywhere. This is where new styles in hairdo come into the scene. This transformation is not just about girls’ hairstyle but also there is a huge change in hairstyling trends for men. Talking of new arrivals in Men’s hairstyling, one cannot avoid Mohawks. Mohawk is an ultra trendy hairdo where both sides are shaven and a density is left in between or middle head, which creates a striking look. The style if out of the league and thus many perceive it as rebellious, There are many ways one can wear this style and limit its outlandish effect. Let’s have a look at some awesome Mohawk styles.




  1. Shaved Sides with Top Knot: With a V shaped patch on the top tied in knot and leaving both sides vacant as in shaved upto the narrow is something which will create swirls in glam world. Don’t forget to keep the mid length long for an ideal knot.



2. The Punk High Fade: A complete youthful style where a quiff is formed in the middle and with the quiff one can include the cowlick at the front. The combination of undercut and swept up flicks will create the look you always wanted to sport.




3.Sharp Skinfade Combover: With the sides and back of head clean shaven, this hairdo include n edgy Mohawk haircut, which supports the longer hair at the top. Side sweep the longer growth and set them up. There you are all ready to become the glamour king.




4. Taper Fades: A blend of comb overs and a taper fade, this hairstyle meets at the age of two sections and gradually decreases in the length from the top till the ears.




5. Natural Curls And Faded Shave: Small curls left from the nape of the neck till the hairline with the both sides fadedly-shaven with sideburns. A natural look for African Americans.




6. Swept Back Tapered Quiff: A more adult version of fade haircut, which can be gained through keeping the top hair longer and tapered towards the bottom line.Sweeping the hair back and bit back from your face will give you hipster look.




7. Long Beard and Long Hair with Undercut: The uber cool and super outlandish look can be gained by a simple trick of growing long hair and getting undercut on both sides. Keeping a full grown beard with it will only amplify the appeal. So are you ready to boost the look?




8. Braided Mohawks: Weave multiple braids while having super long hair. Keep undercut on both sides and make a half up and half down in middle. A ultra dramatic look to crown oneself with.




9. Unswept Cut With Taper Fade: A complete techno rapper look with not much dense on the middle and faded undercut on both sides.




One thing always to keep in mind that undercuts and mohawk combo is something to crown oneself but is never counted in formal hairdos. So if you are up for beach-look or casual rockstar look, then all the doors of mohawk are open for you.

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