Mohawk Designs For Both Genders



90. Mohawk designs for both genders:


The Mohawk is a hairstyle that could make you stand out in a crowd. Not many people can pull off this look but for those who can, this hairstyle can make you look edgy and fashionable. This is a low maintenance hairstyle and does not take up much time and effort. Off late, punk hairstyles have become extremely popular among both white and black men and women. If you are someone who wants to get a Mohawk, then your options are limitless. If you are looking for inspiration, then this article could suggest looks that would suit you.


For women: The classic blonde Mohawk gives you a very daring and bold look. Even though Mohawk hairstyles are usually considered to look edgy, the curls that come with this hairstyle also add a soft and feminine touch. This look can be achieved with the help of a flat iron or a curler. Today curly Mohawks are extremely popular as well and make you look sensual and romantic. This hairstyle works great for women who have long hair and are not ready to shave off their hair. In the short blonde Mohawk, the hair at the centre of your head will be short. If you have longer hair at the sides, you needn’t worry about trimming it. With this hairstyle, braids look stylish and fashionable.


The braided and curled Mohawk is a look that we adore. In this hairstyle, the hair is voluminous at the front and the centre. It works really well if you have medium length curly hair. Just keep in mind that you will need to keep your scalp moisturised to maintain this hairstyle. The curly red Mohawk is an amazing look for women. In this haircut, the hair is almost completely shaved off at the sides and the hair is long at the centre.  If you want to look hot and sexy, then go for a Mohawk with short hair. The hot red Mohawk is another popular haircut. Celebrities like Rihanna have been seen sporting this haircut and look like a million bucks.


For men: The shaved side with top knot is an androgynous Mohawk hairstyle for men. In this style, the hair is cut very short at the sides, it is cut up to the V shaped area at the top. Keep the hair at the top of your head long and this can be tied into a stylish top knot. This works for when it’s warmer or if you want to pull off a laid back look.


The high fade with upsweep is half skater boy- half punk kind of look. This is a contemporary haircut for young men. You could choose to keep a Mohawk similar to an Elvis Presley quiff. If you are looking for an edgy Mohawk haircut, then ask your barber to give you a sharp skin fade with neat comb over. The sides and the back of your head are completely shaven off. The long hair at the top is styled with the help of some product. The comb over and taper fade is a Mohawk hairstyle for younger men. If you are a guy who has natural curls then you could go for the natural curls with fade shave. This is an excellent look for African American men who wish to sport their natural curls.

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