Modern Pompadour Hairstyles



Men with thick hair, always find it difficult to style. The latest and trendiest medium length hairstyle, that offered for thick hair is the – pompadour hairstyle. Initially, it was intend for women but it was later, adapted by men and popularized.


The one and only Elvis Presley had a pompadour haircut, which has gone mainstream headlines and become the most popular hairstyles for men. The pompadour, favorite for men is a classic look that flatters the hair into different types and heads.


The pomp style features short hair on the back and the sides, with long hair on the top. The large volume of hair on the top of head, which is gradually recedes towards the back, makes this style unique amongst men.


Gone are the days, when the greasy hair and combed looks, and replaced with messy, finger-combed styling that complements the natural matte finish. The modern pompadour has certainly become more palatable for men, who want a stylish and bold look.


The classic style differs from the modern pompadour in one way, is that the earlier one have a slicked back long sides. However, the later one features as short sides and long top style, by coupling the signature look on top with some sort of tapered fade. This modern style is also known as faded pompadour.


This style starts with an undercut, where the hair on the top is long. The sides and the back of the head are short and faded. In this style, the focus is to increase the heavy volume on the top and organized in a messy way. Typically, the style is to maintain 6-8 inches long top with swept-up and back style.


The right cut is what matters in this style. It does not matter, what texture the hair is, either – straight, curly or wavy. The only point is to make the top volume high. When cutting the shape, make sure the front of the head is as long as possible, but cut back the length in angular fashion towards the crown.


The crown should be at least 2-3 inches, when it is all set and done. The short fade is preferred for both sides and the back. This particular style creates extremely sexy look and edgy feel.






The fade pompadour is all about the fades, around the head other than the top. The fade can be of your choice, you can go for high fade, mid or low fade. Make sure, the fade goes well with the long top and matches your overall appearance.


For adventurous look, you can completely shave the sides and back of the head instead of fade type. The pompadour length on the top can be short also, if you want it to be like this.


The side part pompadour is another best style of modern one. The sleek parting with clean accentuated line, on the sides looks more stylish. Use some lightweight wax or gel, to keep the hair on place. Keep it clean and parting straight, as it will not ruin your overall angled look and maintains the modern style.

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