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Jealous worthy figure and an beautiful face, Miranda Kerr is one admirable woman who always manages to set the latest a standard. Effortless in being able to make people swoon and obsess with her, she has the perfect features that a woman can only dream of. Here, we are going to focus on one of the aspects about her that makes her always pretty and camera ready- her gorgeous healthy hair.


We hope to have a look at some of her best hairstyles and see if we can draw up inspiration from her. Would following her style make us just as perfect as her? Perhaps it would not hurt to find out.


The Australian born supermodel looks absolutely radiant with her blonde hair. The healthy tan and the golden shade of her hair makes her glow and we cannot get enough of it. The vogue like simple yet sophisticated hairstyle frames her face in just the right way. Not to mention, we love the waves on her blonde locks.


The model proves to us that she can rock the darker shades of being a brunette just as good. We noticed that she often keeps her hair simple, which fits her well. The middle parted dark tresses have been found to compliment the shape of her face very well.


Like most other celebrities, she has also worn ombre, in the subtler way, without letting it stand too much. The honey colored ombre at the tip of her brunette hair done is waves, are, in our opinion, done right!


The winged waves on her locks have also proven to compliment her face well, although the long loose curls with winged center parting often suits any type of facial shape. The waves were perfect for her long hair.


The big curls are just as good as the waves and we cannot deny that Miranda Kerr can rock her hair whether parted in the middle or to the side. These curls, whether medium or large, do not fail to make her prettier. We must urge you to try one of these pretty hairstyles!


We were able to witness some of the best hair curl jobs on her, taking into account one of the glamorous waves on her. The long smooth hair at the lops and the gently swept curls are, for lack of any better words, simply glamourous on the brown hair.


While Miranda Kerr has often been found to sport a set of beautiful curls on her most of the time, we have also occasionally seen her with ultra-straight hair that brings out a sexier look on her. The sleek straight look manages to make her look younger and if we may, this would be highly recommended for younger women.


The messy natural hair, in our opinion gives her a sultry appeal that would make most men swoon, while all the women sit back in jealousy of her features. The shaggy straight haircuts, as well the retro curls also make her forever camera ready.


The sleek straight hair that she sports, as we have seen give her a vogueish image that suits her modelling career, and makes her look more classy and elegant, whether she wears it half-up and down, loose and free, or even in a ponytail.


We absolutely love Miranda Kerr and her dimples, and undoubtedly her curled pretty hairstyles. More love to this doll like beauty!

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