Milkmaid Braids Hairstyle



When thinking about hairstyling trends, the braid look is always the one style that never goes out of trend. Even though, there are many ways to style the braid, one-way to wear your hair up with beautiful is the milkmaid braid style.


Generally, this hairstyle is of two braids wrapped on top of the crown, which gained another name as crown braid. The two braids on the top can be any style of your choice that changes up your overall look every day.


To achieve this milkmaid braid style, first brush the hair and pair it on the side where you normally prefer. Then, divide a section off hair at the crown and pin them at the back by twisting it. Now, create an underneath part behind the pinned section.


With the underneath part, divide the hair into two sections and pick the left sectioned hair. Begin with the French braid, by crossing the side strands over the middle and continue braiding until all the side hairs brought in at the nape of the neck.


Now, repeat the same process with another sectioned hair and pin both the braids using bobby pins. Once the braids completed, pull off some strands on the edges to get a full voluminous look. Finally, criss-cross both braids at the back of the head.


With the traditional milkmaid braid style, you can keep on giving upgraded versions to the style. If you have bangs already, the milkmaid braid combination with it works amazingly and give you the fineness look of a classic braid as well.


In the place of French braid, give some alteration using the inverted Dutch braid style. For this style, divide your hair at the middle part and weave two braids along the back. Moreover, the Dutch milkmaid braid will look fantastic and is a great style for any occasions.


When you have blessed thick hair strands, then you can go with thick single Dutch braid at the sides rather than the two braids. Even with the one single braid, you can get the thickness offered by two-braid style. For an additional effect, give highlights only to a single strand of the braid to look fabulous.






Messy fishtail milkmaid braids is another inspired style. The fishtail can be a best alternative for the traditional braiding and with the messy texture, the two overlapping braids creates a full and dynamic look. This stunning messy style looks great on all face shapes, as the fishtail gives you a flattering effect to the face.


You can even incorporate a scarf as a single strand to the braid style, where the scarf can be any bandana or a thin scarf that get weaves along with the braid. With this style, you will a retro glam look and for sure, you will enjoy this fantastic braid style.


Sometimes for a better version to the look, leave some strands like fringes to fall over on the sides of the face to complement the milkmaid braids.

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