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Miley Cyrus hairstyle


From her days as Hannah Montana, the former Disney star has evolved so much from her 13-year-old self when she debuted. She has been an inspiration and an icon for so many young teenagers. Now an adult, the artist has also been famous for her ever rich voice, changing looks and her hairstyles.


When she started out in the popular Disney series as Hannah Montana/ Miley Stewart in 2006, we saw the very much adorable 13-year old in her wavy dark brown locks.  The blonde wig of Hannah was of course a famous one that brought her immense popularity as the bubbly popstar.


As she started growing up, we saw Miley start to groom herself. From her brown wavy locks, she went to the blonde streaks and highlights coupled with her glossy pink lips. Her striking blue eyes and genuine smile was the best appeal she had about her in addition to her voice.


She again shifted from the Hollywood blonde to the edgy dark locks in 2008. In our opinion, this girl knew what looks best on her even from such a young age. No wonder she pulls off all the newest and craziest looks like a born to do pro.


In 2010, the young star appeared in the Oscars with a bouffant bun to her auburn locks. The smoky eyes and large danglers with her beautiful dress completed the look. We started seeing the older Miley here on out with her sophisticated appeal.


A short bob with the loose textured waves and brown to blonde ombre was new transformation on her. We loved the lob that she sported on her blonde locks for a while too.


A year or two later, we see huge change in Miley as she had her locks cropped short. The short jagged bob accentuated her chin and lower half of her face, but we were glad to see her move on from this hairstyle.


The extreme short blonde hair with short sides and temple undercut was a cool new look on her. The funky style suited her new found wild side and a lot of her fans went wild alongside her.


Here on out, Miley started a serious of short haircut trends and hairstyles for a while. We saw the sweet feminine pixie cut on her for some time, which she continued to grow out and thus kept a long bang to the sort pixie, as seen at an MTV Video Award.


She also sported the blonde highlighted temple undercut for a while where she kept a deep side parting with a two toned dark brown and bleached blonde layers. This is a style that she has worn very often on her famous undercut style.


On other days, she wears her short hair in glamorous pompadours or quiff.  Another had turning hairstyle that she sported was to pull up her short hair into two small horns on the top of her head. It was such a bold look, especially when teamed with her stark red lipstick.


These days we see a softer side of Miley with her grown out tresses in natural waves and edgy texture. The dark roots and blonde half of her hair makes for an interesting look, that we think only someone like her could pull off.


She was seen supporting her sister Noah Cyrus at the iHeartRadio Awards 2017 with her blonde and brown locks flowing down free.  She was simply beautiful in her new look. We hope to see more of this charming young woman.

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