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Medium length h.s women


While some women tend to go for the long hair variety, there are some others who opt for the short variety. The best sometimes comes in between, with women who have mid-length hair. There is no added fuss that comes with thee long hair, and you can still feel the wind in your hair that you cannot do with shorn locks.


Other times, the medium length hair that we have while growing out our locks is still a great tie to sport a great number of hairstyles. There is so much to experiment with. We are just about to get started and we hope you will stick around to see some of the best ways to wear your hair like a diva.


When we talk about mid length hair and haircuts, we can do a number of cuts in them. For women with straight hair, layered, or even-length cuts are just the common ones. For simpler ones, a v-shaped cut or feathered razor cut can be flattering.


Women with wavy can opt for straight cuts or v shaped ones. Having bangs can be flattering, depending on the facial structure. The natural waves can be shown off even at this length.


Coily, or curly haired women having md-length hair should opt for layered cut, especially if they want to wear t free and naturally. This way, the hair tapers down instead of bushing up with volume.  The layers will allow you to wear your hair naturally and show off your curls.


People tend to highlight their hair when it grows longer. But the same can be done with mid-length hair. The rich toned balayage, ombre, and even the somber looks gorge on hair of this length. Plus, its trending, so, why not? We are all in for the luxuriant colors.


When you want to let loose your hair, you can opt for the waves, the curls, the crimps and whatever you feel like because the mid-length still gives you the freedom to style it in any way. We love the sleek straight look and even the messy curls. Crimps are also taking in a big stage these days.


If you have long bangs, this classy look with a center parting and a small bun at the nape of your neck is a killer. It is elegant yet casual chic, especially with the wispy bangs. Don’t worry about the small bun. They are simply adorable and a part of the up do.


The edgy, two-bun-on-top half up-do is also fun on mid-length hairstyle, especially suggested for women with thick hair. Among others, are the variety of braids that you can sport, from waterfall braids, to crown braids, twists, etc. It all depends on the occasion and the mood.


Now who said, we cannot have fun while we are growing out our hair. Sometimes being in the middle can give us the best of both sides. If we missed some awesome hairstyles, we would love to see you bring up your own and start a new trend.

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