Mid Fade Haircut For Men



Fade haircuts and styles are one of the most simple and stylish way to detail the hair. It has been popular amongst men, for several years and the trend have not gone out of style. Mid fade haircuts, are gaining popularity among men.


The mid fade cut, is a perfect balance between the high fade and low fade styles. This fade is generally been catered to men with short hair, but later people started combining them with medium or long length hair also. This mid fade offers a cleanup neckline, while the temples offered with some hair.


Mid fades are usually drop fades, which arc down behind the ears instead of straight line. Moreover, the mid fade ends up with emphasizing the hair on the top. Like other fades, the mid cut also comes in various styles and types.


However, the mid fade offers you an ultimate stylish look, with very short cut. If you cannot choose between what style goes well with the mid fade cut. Below are some ideas for mid fade cuts combined with styles like side parting, comb over and slick back looks. Even pompadour, quiff or high top goes well with the mid fade.


Mid skin fade plus sleek back – The mid bald fade reveals a lot more than skin and with quick taper, can change your look in a big way. Note to have, also a curved fade rather than the straight ones that follow the natural line.


Side part haircut plus mid fade – The mid fade will be a modern and classic addition to the side part haircut. The enough length on the top keeps the hair falling from and touch of some product, will give you enhanced look to this style.


Pompadour hard part plus mid fade – The classic pomp cut with mid fade will be a great combination. The bald fade quickly tapers the hair to skin with a blur and offers you a sign of being high quality blend. For giving a vintage style to this look, shaved part is great choice.


High top with mid fade – The rounded high top, usually higher than the other looks with mid fade works very well. The fade should angle well with bold lines, to highlight the top and this style offers you a unique look, among the others.




More styles like – mid fade Mohawk, mid fade with v-cut neckline, textured spiky hair with mid fade, mid tapered fade with cropped top and full beard etc are some prominent hairstyles that are trendy and look classy as well as stylish.


Above all these, the right texture to hair add more style to the mid fade. The dark fade around the heads with nice contrast texture on the top, creates extra depth to this look.


With right beard style, you can go for a choice about the short or long top. Because, some beard style goes well with long top and other might not, sometimes. Therefore, do wise choices regarding mid fade cuts with various styles.

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