Micro Twists Hairstyles For Black Women



Braids are the most popular hairstyle, amongst women. When your hair is super frizzy and looking ways to control it, you can go for micro twists or micro braids. These twists look so sleek, cool and stylish. This style is incredibly, modern and alluring.


Micro twists, are the type of braid with tiny twists and are delicate, which is trending for years. African women, love this braid style to the most and you can see them with this braid style, at least once in their lifetime.


This form of braid is tightly twisted and let, your hair flow free. The micro twists are like having a bunch of braids all over the head and merging them together, which will cover the whole head. In addition, they are versatile enough to style them, in various ways on your daily basis.


The micro twists are more popular, because of their low maintenance. Not much maintenance is need for this look and does not need much time for styling. Having micro braids will definitely benefit you, when you have a busy life style. This style offers you a gorgeous look and is very stylish.


When you wish to get this style, make sure there is enough hair length, which is healthy and can cope with micro braids. Once the braid is ready, it can last for months and it looks cool.


Layered micro box braids – The layered small box braid will make you look, in a new direction. The fare multiple layers gravitate towards each other, creates a lovely look of feathers flipping inwards. The final look will be lovelier and sophisticated one.


Curly and messy braid – Not everyone will love to have a messy braid. However, the messy braid will give you a more casual look and the careless sweeps will blend well with the braid.


Tiny twists with ponytail – As ponytail looks easier for any hairstyle. These twists when pulled back and made into a ponytail, can give you a very polished look. You, can also enjoy them moving, gently across your back and can make you feel better.


Mini braids bob style – More than long micro braids, short braids look more adventurous. This version of micro twists will feature with a deep side part and have an asymmetrical edge that, you will love for sure.






With some shades and highlights, the micro twists look more adorable. You can give some hair color from lighter to darker shades, with some highlights at some areas, which will make you look super cool. Moreover, make sure the shades suit your twists well.


Moreover, suggesting you to take the braids for every two to three months, so that natural hair can take some breathe. This will give your hair a recovery time. This is also good because, so that you can restyle them again into a different braid.


Leaving the braid for continuous three months, can damage your hair and it can make it thin, and break them. Even though, the twists require only low maintenance, you can even use some moisturizer to keep it fresh.

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