Micro Braids For Women



23. Micro Braids for women


A tiny and delicate kind of braid is called the micro braid. This look is achieved by braiding your hair tightly and it could last for many months. This kind of hairstyle is usually worn my African American women, but it is a hairstyle that can be sported by anyone. This is a trend that is popular among many celebrities like Beyonce, Zoe Kravitz etc. However, you need to keep in mind that this hairstyle may not suit everyone. A lot of people tend to choose this hairstyle and is it low maintenance. You need keep yourself mentally prepared to wear this hairstyle for a long period of time. The process of achieving micro braids could take a couple of hours. The removal of these braids could also take a couple of hours.


Since the size of the braids is very small, there is a chance that your hair could break or become damaged. If you are someone who wants to get these micro braids done then make sure you go to a hairstylist who is an expert in creating this hairstyle. Before receiving this hairstyle, make sure that your hair is clean and well-conditioned.


If you wish to accentuate your lips and your eyes, go for a middle parting. Micro braids also look really good on women who have long hair. Coloured micro braids are also a trend that are breaking the internet today. If you are someone who has naturally wavy hair, go for wavy micro braids. You could also use hair extensions to make your micro braids look more attractive.


Micro braids with curls are also popular. The undercut with micro braids is another stylish and neat hairstyle. It also very easy to maintain. Micro braids look good for short, medium and long hair. If you are someone who has a prominent face, then micro braids will look good on you. If you are someone who has an oval shaped face, then embrace those micro braids. They will make you look effortlessly beautiful.


The sleek micro braids look very neat and clean. With the help of micro braids, you could also achieve a voluminous bun. Rather than getting a usually boring bun, get a cute bun with the help of micro braids. Curly micro braids are another cute hairstyle. Micro braids look both on kids and adult women. Try experimenting with different colours and look stylish throughout the year.


Cornrows along with micro braids look very sophisticated and chic. Straight micro braids are usually worn by women who have long and straight hair. The cross over is another famous micro braid hairstyle. By parting your braids to the side, it will give you an immediate wow effect. Heads are bound to turn with these various hairstyles and compliments are sure to come. If you want to get a classy evening look, then pull back your braids and admire your reflection in the mirror. And last but not the least, the half up- half down look is a playful hair style that looks extremely cute.

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