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Michael Jackson who was fondly called the “King of Pop” was a singer, dancer, songwriter and more importantly an entertainer. In fact, he was one of the greatest entertainers of his time who wowed his fans time and again with his energy and his dedication. What added to his enigma, was his unique sense of style. And, Michael was also famous for his ever-changing hairstyle.




His hairstyles were, what you would call a study in contrast over the years. In the 1960’s, Michael was spotted in a mini Afro hairstyle that was neatly combed without much ado. As he entered the 1970’s and his stature started growing in the music arena following his exposure with Jackson 5, his Afro only gained in volume.




The 1980’s however witnessed the King of Pop breaking away from the Afro. It was time for the hairstyle that is known as the Jheri Curl. To achieve the Jheri Curl, one must straighten the hair using a chemical known as a relaxer. Then, application of a very expensive hairspray called “activator” gives the hair a glossy sheen and brings out the curls. The wetter a Jheri Curl is, the better it looks and that was exactly the way Michael liked his hair.




By 1982, Michael had released his album titled Thriller and it became a smash hit. Michael also stuck to his Jheri Curl but it had grown longer. But Michael being a lover of uniqueness, added a part to his hair and left a few curls dangling over his eye. This would soon become his trademark.




In the early 1990’s however, Michael got a new look. Out went the curls and instead he adopted a loose stringy look. This hairstyle known as the wave nouveau. On his tour however, he enhanced the curls by using the activator hairspray. But change was on the horizon.




At the 1995, MTV awards Michael wore a simpler look.  Critics feel, he was just giving his hair some much needed break from all the chemicals and sprays he had subjected them to over the years.


However, all that heavy styling soon started taking its toll on his hair and he started losing the volume that he once enjoyed. Thus, the King of Pop had to make do with wigs which he wore between the years 2000 and 2009. This was also a time when his popularity witnessed quite a decline.




By the time he started working for what was slated to be his last concert, Michael went back to the wave nouveau. He did wear a wig again but also seemingly mixed a bit of his own natural hair as well.




Michael Jackson was a living legend and his music and his sense of style inspired a generation. What set him apart from the rest was his determined effort to be unique and he succeeded in doing that. Yes, he was a man who met with his own share of controversies and personal troubles, but he was a personality like no other. And his ever-changing hairstyles and sense of fashion stood testament to that fact.

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