Messy Top Knot Hairstyles For Women



Generally, when you do not have time to blow or style your hair, you search for ideas to make it look perfect even with the messy hair. Mostly, you end up with the ponytail or a bun hairstyle. More than these two styles, the top knot will be great with messy hair.


With the messy top knot, you will get the most casual look and the messy texture gives you a changeover to your daily routine styles. Moreover, even there are various options to style the messy top knots.


By simply gathering all your hair into a high ponytail at the crown and making the strand into a knot, covering the pony is the actual way to style the top knot. These top knots can be completely an updo style or half updo style if wished, depending upon how you want it to look.


First style is the classic messy top knot that is perfect for any holiday day outs. Start with a high ponytail by gathering all your hair using your fingers, instead of any brush or comb. To the gathered hair pony, make them into an easy bun like topknot.


The next style is an easy criss-cross top knot, where you have to section the crown hair into a top knot. To the rest hanging hair, again section them into two and tease them at the back. Take one section and make a cross over the top knot until the ends tucked in.


In the same way, make the other section also. After that, you can see a visible criss-cross pattern at the back below the knot style. This style best suits with formal dresses for workplace environments.


For any occasions or events, try going with the upside down braided top knot. This is a style, where a loose subtle braid climbs up the back of your head and made into a standard top knot at the crown. Even though, this style is slightly difficult to achieve, yet the result will make you look adorable.


You can even look for messy style top knot from many celebrities, like Ciara’s whispy highlighted strands of classic top knot and Kendall Jenner high top knot bangs with sleek hair and strands falling over the face are some high example styles, which you can re-create.


Coming to the half-updo messy topknot style, most celebrities choose half top knot style than the updo style. Because, the rest hanging hair goes well with the messy topknot and the overall style offers the classy look.




To achieve the half-updo topknot, section your crown hair separately and tease them at the back roughly. Make the teased hair into a knot, with the end strands peeking out of the knot for an enhanced messy look. With the remaining hair, tease them completely and leave it to hang free on the sides.


If you have bangs, leave the bangs to fall across the forehead and go with the same style. Celebrity Alexandra Weaver, braided topknot on the centre part and the flowing hair complemented her long face. Another style is the ‘Busy Phillips’ loose half-updo with long locks, which is a simple and casual hairstyle for any party.

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