Messy Hairdo For Women


The word, ‘Messy’ brings many connotations and the common one is ugly but with the changing times, there goes a saying that, “Messy is classy and not ugly always’. Have you ever noticed your hair after getting up? Every gitl has been appreciated for her ‘Out of the bed’ or ‘bed hair’ look for atlas once in a lifetime. This itself vouch-riffs the fact that messy is imperfectly perfect. Those tousled waves, twisted and turned in the style you sometimes work a lot on to achieve through money ripping salons. The best thing about the tousles is that no matter what haircut you have, ranging right from short pixies to lobs, from shoulder length blunts to loose undos or even loose curls or waves for that matter. Even the sleek-straights look amazing in that out-of-the-bed look. Playing it cool with such messy yet classy hair is few approaches and you are done for the world. Being stylish and owning that extravagant look was never such a cakewalk. Let’s have a look at some of the hairstyles.




  1. Short, Multi Layers: Ever thought that your asymmetrical style can bring you lot of fame? Specially when not set or styled in dark corners or salons? Having multiple layers in short length bobs gives much more classy and feminine look. Maintenance free and full of life, what else one aims for?



2. Formal Yet Messy Bun: Some formal updos can rock your look and make people put you on pedestal or just turn you into a trendsetter if you formalise your messy bun a bit with some headband or downwind to tuck it in. The silvery or golden flower coil under or above your head with work wonders like a tiara and will prepare you for any prom or wedding. Classy and elegant.




3. Side Youthful Updo: A side chignon will be perfect for you. Just make sure the your leave few strands play with your face.




4. Messy French Twist: A French hairdo is generally considered as formal tight bun but a little modification in leaving the curls or strands open and loose. Simply set it with fingers and tuck a glam clip and enhance the messy beauty.




5. Triple Knots: Knots are known to be the easiest hairdo and when one can cast miracles with such lazy hairdos and stay as centre of attraction, then there is no end to the fun of hairstyling. Just make triple knots and tie them in an updo and set the glam world ablaze with your mess.




6. A Side Braided Bun: Just a side braid tucked back into a bun can add so much beauty and elegance to your hairdo is something we all find imaginary but not anymore. Try yourself and see the magical effect of your messy hairdo.




7.Twisted Waves: When you don’t need directions or specific partitions for making your hairstyle, nothing seems easier than hairstyling. A romantic hairdo can be made by intricate waves weaved in twists. Multiple hap -hazzardly made twists

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