Mermaid Hair Ideas



Mermaid hair kick started quite a fashion trend in 2016 and it has become quite popular ever since. Mermaid hair is hair coloured with multiple shades of pastel or oceanic colours. Barring the pixie cut, this hairstyle is suitable for all types of hair.




This style of hair has endless possibilities. One variation of the mermaid hair is one that embodies a lot of vibrant hues and curls. The hair is dyed darker at the top and a range of soft and contrasting colours are applied. But, if one wants to really amp up the colour quotient, one can go for the unique contrasting style whereby each chunk of hair gets an individual treatment to produce a vibrant display of colours.




But if one wishes to go retro and glam with this look, then a pastel purple with grey tints and soft aqua highlights is the way to go. The purple is applied first before working on the blue hues. It makes the mermaid hair really glow in all its pastel glory! But if the desire is to ramp up the pastel hues and the glamour quotient further, then the pastel periwinkle with the platinum locks is an irresistible combination.




The best thing about Mermaid hair colour is that it is all about the funkiness and one such funky variation of this style is the Friendship Bracelet Braid.  This look gives a fun twist to the classic braid style and this look is achieved by applying a variety of shades to thin small sections of the hair.


Then there is the Sleek Sunset Perfection which harks back to the 1960’s and the blunt cut of this hair with its sleek strands make it a truly versatile look. One that can rock most occasions.




But if a girl is blessed with voluminous and long hair then she can go for the stunning “Autumn inspired” mermaid look. This look is just drop dead gorgeous as it combines a vibrant orange shade with an understated hue of red. This one is right out of a fairy-tale.


There is also a mermaid look for the girl who has a passion for all things, grunge. Called the Gritty Grey Twisted Locks, it is for all the punk girls out there.


But if one is colourful at heart and wants their hair to reflect that, then a platinum braid with candy coloured highlights is the style to go for. But the thing about this style is that it epitomises uniqueness. Building on this element is one variation of this style that combines platinum blond locks with shades of red at the bottom and the undersides of the hair. This is one look that is guaranteed to stand out from the crowd!




And, if one wish to be even more adventurous, then one can go for curls with a smoky touch topped off with highlights finished in a shade of neon. But if a single hue is what the heart desires then a purple colouring of the hair with varying shades is sure to make the mermaid hair look oh so beautiful.




Then, there is the mermaid hair for the romantics. Shades of pink and peach can be applied on top of the blond locks. This truly feminine look can be topped off with curls and rosettes. One can also go for the rainbow look by mixing and matching four to six types of colours but if that doesn’t cut it, then a complimenting style of lavender and pastel blue does wonders for mermaid hair.






Hair stylists around the world are making quite a name for themselves with their takes on the mermaid style. This is not an easy look to achieve by any means but when executed perfectly, it well and truly looks spectacular.

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