Men Who Rock A Shaved Head Look

Men Who Rock Shaved Head Look

Sometimes we have certain self imposed or rather say people imposed fear and apprehensions imbibed in us. Whereas in reality, those apprehensions are worth a bust and those misconceptions about anything being a curse is actually a virtue in disguise. Take the example of baldness. A situation which is excruciatingly embarrassing and dreaded upon by majority. People are scared of it like death. Whereas the bald in today’s world is nothing but an attitude one can crown oneself with. Yes! Please shed off all your apprehensions and self doubts about bald being anything but beautiful because its nothing but bountiful which can lend you a robust look and you can actually cash on that look without going much into the peculiarities of haircut, hairstyling and hair colour. Imagine the situation where you are adored for your baldness and people going gaga over it and believe it! Its not a dream but the trend has seeped in to the society and is gaining grounds. If you still are doubting the popularity of it then lets have a look at those men who have crowned themselves with this shaved headed look proudly.

  1. Andre Agassi: The known tennis player of all time, the lion-maned player Andre had revealed in Open magazine that the love affair with his score stop has been going since early 20s and the renowned athlete went for this look in 1995 and since then having the best time of his career and ranking number one in the world. Obviously the shaved head look never brought the luck to him but it also never reduced the proud in himself.

2. Samuel L. Jackson: The biggest minting actor of all time, the Oscar nominated Samuel showcased his shaved head look in The Great White Hype in 1996. The Pulp Fiction star has definitely shaken the industry with his bold and bald look.

3. Billy Corgan: Saturday night live in 1995 was a magical night for the immense professional success for Corgan and also it was the same time when the actor came out in public by saying bye to his dense mane and hello to the shaved look. A total win win situation.

4. Michael Jordan: The greatest basketball player of all time, Jordan began pushing the envelope against his receding hairline and debuted his ‘bald is beautiful’ look soon and single-handedly blazed the pop culture ablaze.

5. Jason Kidd: According to a survey held in US, 11% of American men colour their hair annually.The same 11% must have never thought of Jason Kidd being will rock this hairstyle.

6. Matt Later: The 56-year old anchor now has a fringe arrangement but back in those days on NBC’s The Todaay’s Show was a tough time for his hair-loss. However the anchor has aged gracefully and is known for his half shaved look.

After the mention of so many bigwigs wearing is proudly, do you still have doubts on yourself ?

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