Meg Ryan Hairstyles



The Hollywood director and artist ‘Meg Ryan’, who always expresses herself with full of joy and eyes full of shine, is a perfect charmer. Meg Ryan hairstyles are evident that she has fascination of short hair and it is the reason of her charm.


During each phase of her life, she has known to sport with different looks. With her natural blonde hair color, she cut it into a variety of styles for her new roles in each movie. Whatever the hairstyles be, they are always stylish, super cool and suit her bubbly face.


Initially, she had a shoulder-length lob hair with full of curls and some strands falling across her forehead similar to the micro bangs. Her signature look is the loose strands of curls with some bangs, which is a bright caramel shade.


Staring her role in ‘When Harry Met Sally’, with highlighted waves and some prominent strands of bangs scattered across her forehead. She then set the trend with a choppy shag chin-length bob style that looks like a punk rock thing.


From the short choppy cut, her next look is a long locks flowing below her shoulder line and the hair color is a soft peach palette. The centre-partition makes her long locks flow off on both sides.


Meg layered and tapered look to the long locks, towards the end of the hair are the high points of her most glam styles. From the layered look, she went to try with long curls rippling over both sides of her face. She really looked cute with the lock curls and the stripped outfit.


To the movie ‘In the Cut’, she went for an edgy cut with asymmetrically swept bob style and stayed consistent with the honey-hue shag cut. Then, Meg dazzled her thick wavy hair with subtle platinum and blonde hair color.


Next, for the thick wavy hair she gave a short-cropped cut and framed her face with this curly cut. In addition, she adds a touch of side-swept bangs matching her curly haircut.


She styled her cropped cut into playful curls that reach a little below her ears and let some strands of curls to fall over her eye, makes her look sexy and gorgeous.






For a photo shoot, Meg looked smoking hot with unruly glamorous curls and messy style hitting the shoulder length. Next look of Meg is at the public appearance, with very short front layers and back long layers reaching the nape of the neck. The golden layered highlights her face features.


Meg’s major transformation look was the ringlet curls, which is a great change to her slightly waved hair. She debut her ringlet appearance to the Cannes Film festival. From then, she went on with the same ringlet appearance by giving little changes to the hairstyle.


Again, from the ringlet hairstyle, she went back to the edgy asymmetrical bob style with tousled hair. She gave her hair some bright blonde highlights and finished her look with delicate diamond earrings. This overall look exuded her elegance.

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