Medium Length Hairstyles For Curly Hair Women



The medium length curly hair looks more elegant than the sleek hair and with the right choice of styles to the curly hair can get you the best perfect picture. Moreover, the curly hairs bear an inimitable romantic nonchalant flair.


First thing to make your curly look beautiful on you is to add bang style to it. Along with the bangs, the curly hair can offer you an extreme cuteness and feminine dramatic style. However, there are tones of bang kinds, out there to choose from and it really works for all face shapes.


You can witness the best look of bangs with curls form the ever stylish ‘Taylor Swift’s’ blunt fringe style. Her edgy modern version of lob style, with the eye level bangs looks just as fierce.


For the medium length curly hair, two hairstyles are the best choice. One is the bob style and other is going with any braid styles to accentuate your curls.


By giving simple section of your hair into a French braid or Dutch braid, one side or on both sides, at the front of the head is very simple way to style your curly hair and this way you can get rid of the curly hair falling over your face.


In addition, the braid styles look voluminous with the curly texture. You can completely go with updo styles for occasions or half updo styles. The falling off downward look offered by the braid, gives you a perfect look to the curls.


Mostly, messy bun will be the perfect updo styles for the curly hair. This can make even your bad hair better and easy to style on a lazy day. Try going with a high top knot at the crown, for a change from the normal bun style.


If you want some unique styles for the curly hair, look for some celebrity styles. The most iconic style is the Jourdan Dunn pulled back style, which is a combination of perfect sleeked crown with gorgeous dense curls at the back.


Salena Gomez rocks with her smooth strands of hair tuck behind her ear highlighted her mermaid curls. You can even wear a headband to this style, for an extra style accent to the curls.


One of the most flattering look is the Bella Thorne half up, where the asymmetrical sectioned curly hair pinned low behind the back. The wave of spiraling curls, left to flow on both sides looked regal and adorable.


More than the choice of hairstyles, to your natural curls gives some effects of popular available wavy textures. Textures like corkscrew curls is easy to work with medium length hair that gives a perfect voluminous look and offers you a punk style that make your face look full.


The bouffant curls style is the perfect way to spice your curls. With blonde highlights, the bouffant curls look more astonishing.


Boast your normal curls natural texture with unfussy spray of curls, which has a great sexy appeal. This unfussy curl looks messy, yet great for any party or night outs and great choice for thin stranded curls to get an enhanced look.

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