Medium Length Bob Hairstyles



19 Medium length bob hairstyles


You may come across brand new hairstyles every single day. But, remember the bob which originated in 1920s is still existence just by evolving over the years. Isn’t it amazing that bob has survived amid the tough competition from new creative hairstyles. So, get ready, we are here to take you on trip to show you the various types of bobs that you can sport for your medium length hair.


If you cannot get over layers, then it is time to check out layered bob. This is best fusion of class and style which will portray you as a trend setter. While you are looking to wear a layered bob, you can actually play with the texture and colour. Create a pretty face framed bob and define it with highlights, this will make you ultra-fashioned. Play with the colours such as caramel, plum red balayage, auburn and pinkish blonde to create a visual appeal. The texture of your bob can be turned into choppy, beach wave, straight, curly and shaggy. Get the right combination to rock the floor.


Layers don’t impress you, and then you will be flattened with angled bob. The clear-cut edges of this hairstyle can be blunt or layered. Scissors or razor is used to give your ends the right finish.


Even if you have decided what bob you want, you should know a bit about asymmetrical bob too. This has the ability to change your decision and impress you with the cool finish. Basically, it is a technique where one side is chopped more than rest of your hair. As innovative as it sounds, asymmetrical gives you an opportunity to experiment with your hair without compensating on trend. All the wavy hair holders out there, listen up, this is the best bob you can get.


Are you tired of traditional bob? Then worry not, we have a solution for you in the form of inverted bob. Yes, let’s get more interesting by turning the tables; actually we are turning your hair. Get some curved lines in the front and some slacked layers at the back to achieve the inverted bob. The messy chic look created by this style is something sought-after by women with straight hair, don’t miss out. Add extra visual appeal by sporting colours like red, pink, grey, blonde and auburn.


Flaunt your fine hair with choppy bob, even your stubborn locks can be tamed with this style. You can have choppy bob with shaggy cut, inverted cut, layered cut or even with beach waves. You can also portray to the world that you have a thick and voluminous hair by sporting a messy bob. All you have to do is wash and blow your hair to preserve it. If you are lazy as us, go for it without a second thought.


Fringe and bangs can never go out of fashion. All you have to do is to pair it with right bob which will make you look the best. Bob with fringe and layers will go well with straight hair and the bangs should be fused with classic bob.


So, you need not waste time in setting your hair, chopping your hair into a bob will save a lot of time. Now, you are ready to step out of your house without worrying about a bad hair day. Rejoice life with your cool bob!

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