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Medium blonde hair color


May beautiful women in the world are born with rich medium blonde shade of hair color. There has been variation of the shades of blonde ranging from platinum extreme blonde to dark shades. But without a doubt, the medium blonde shade continues to be a trademark of beauty for many women.


One of the best things about blonde hair is that it goes with any kind of hairstyle and haircut, apart from the dreads and cornrows. These are still many variations of other hairstyles and cuts, such as braids, twists, bobs, waves, curls, ultra-straight hair that looks flattering on a hair of this shade. Thus, women who are born and blessed with medium blonde shades of hair have a wide varieity of choose from, to wear a style that will suit her best, and one that she likes best.


With the shaggy hair being one of the trending hairstyles, medium blondes look great with this hair that leaves the tips in jagged cuts. The messy hair is also a bonus for women with thinner hair of this shade. The light shade of the hair hides the thinning strands.


The blunt lob cuts are also a trending style that women should try for this shade of hair. The cut maximized weight and when kept healthy, gives a great shine to the hair.


Soft layered cuts and loose curls are also flattering on the shade of hair. There is more texture that can be added. Curls add more volume and gives rich buoyancy to the hair.


There is also much that can be experimented with the hair. Whether there is naturally blonde or lightened, the shade of being in the medium scale allows for a wide range of experiments with highlights. A range of highlights from the darker tones to the very light ones can be mixed and matched with the shade of hair that can bring up some interesting and trendy look.


Strawberry blonde highlights, or even rosy hues and the sun kissed honey ones to the icier platinum hues can go great with this depending on the way it has been styled. We are having the hots for the ones with layered highlights in a not more than two shades lighter tone. The overall hair the end looks flamboyant and so luxurious, especially when curled or when done in waves.


Subtle ombre also looks great. However, because the hair is already blonde, this works better for sandy or dirty blonde hair. There is not much contrast, but the slight gradient that it gives makes all the difference.


When we talk about layers and highlights, the balayage is great one to sport as well, owing to the luxuriant look that it provides. Straight or curled, this is one great way to add layered tones to you blonde.


A new look id to try out the multi toned styles, which includes not just two shades of hair but three or more shades or tones of blonde that is rocking and beautiful on bobs and lobs.


All in all, there is so much that we can do with medium blond hair. This shade of hair which is so popular among many beautiful women have set standards when it comes to all the blonde beauties, owing to its rich tone.

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