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18 Medium length hairstyles for black women


Whole world knows one thing about women, even if they find it difficult to understand the traits of women. And that is, women love thick hair. Even, you are one among them if you worry every single time a hair falls from your head. If you are an Afro-American, be thankful to god, He has blessed you with such a voluminous hair. Every woman who pass by you, for sure will envy the thickness of your hair. If you are an Afro-American with medium length hair, then you are reading the right article. We take pleasure in introducing you to wide range of hairstyle that you can wear.


Let’s get started with bob! Your awesome hair can get a clear-cut appearance and will be really trouble-free to manage if you turn it into a bob. The locks will fall gracefully on your shoulders. The smooth and straight hair is best apt for this cut. You can style it as inverted, asymmetrical, choppy, straight, and wavy or any other bob style which pleases you. Streaks of highlights on your head would actually give you a refreshing avatar. If you have cute spirals, then go ahead and show it off in the form of a bob.


So, next let’s move into box braids, it defines the style of the black women. You would love to flaunt this look, if we say you that you don’t need regular wash and your hair will grow remarkably as it stay in braid for many weeks. We recommend you to try cornrow box braids, as it is trendy as well as pleasing to the eye. If you don’t buy it, then try thick box braids or highlights on your thin braids.


Another protective braid is crochet braids which will keep your hair safe and sound for month together. Even when it is undone, the curls are really bouncy which you can wear as a hairstyle too, if you love volume look.


For the curly hairs, we have the best style for you. Just flaunt your naturally curly hair as a loose wave which would go well with any outfit. In case you find it difficult to manage, then gel and tie your front hair and let loose your back portion. If not, just make a fusion of front braid and tight curls in the back. Feel free to make your own style statement as your hair can define your character.


The smooth and silky straight hair of yours can be turned into various amazing hairdos. Any day, layers and feather cut will make you look the best. If not, try flaunting your sleek with some ombre highlighting your beautiful strands. You can gracefully sport your bangs or fringes if you have a big forehead. Are you really a black if don’t love braids? Just get some cute micro tree braids on your smooth tresses. If not, go for side or crown braids which will look chic on you.


Want to wear something with mixed texture of straight, wavy and curly? Then just tie it up as a ponytail. It is as straightforward as that but modish too. Now, you know why people envy your hair. Man, you have so much of options; hope we had at least half of your hair.

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