Meagan Goods Locs Hairstyles



17 Meagan Good’s locs hairstyles


When we hear about faux goddess locs, one name that comes to our mind is Meagan Good. There were days when she was trending in the social media where everyone were posting and sharing about the way she carries her locs with refinement. All were wondering, how on earth she achieved such an amazing look. Here we are to discuss in detail about her goddess locs and the different hairstyles she flaunts without any hesitation.


Before running into the hairstyle, we would love to brief you up about faux goddess locs. It looks so real and organic which is free of any locks in the end. It would take an ample time to install for example, from 8 to 10 hours. But, that is not a big deal as you can have the same locs for 3 months with just some touch up once in 4 weeks. That is just marvellous, as it saves a lot time across the 3 months.


Meagan Good, the person who has given faux locs goals to all the girls out there, has pulled off every single hairstyle with no much effort. Let’s start with her loose locks which looked so uncomplicated yet smart. All you have to do to get that look is spend sometime with your hairstylist to get the exact faux goddess locs. After that, you don’t need anything to be in fashion. Or, how about keeping most of your dreads on your right shoulder and the rest at the back, just like how Meagan Good sported that look at The People’s Choice Awards in 2016. Side swept din’t look as good as it looked on Meagan Good. We know you too will agree to this point!


You may forget about your best look, but not that à la mode high bun of Meagan Good. It is a tight bun at the centre of your head with all the dreads intact. Just like she wore for the 24th Annual Women In Entertainment breakfast, Brotherly love premiere and many other events. Or, you can also take inspiration from her look where she left the front hair as fringe and tied the rest as a central bun.


Taking her style to another league, she sported side shaved look with her dreads falling on the other side with the help of the side part. She rocked this look for BET Awards, 2016. Then, she went blonde for fall. This took internet on fire as everyone started to talk about her bold look.


Start accessorizing your dread with bands and hats just like Meagan Good. We still wonder how someone can look so stunning with just a hat on her head. Check out her photo shoot for Brown Sista, you will know what we are talking about.


So, take inspiration form this amazing fashionista and make your own style which should be as rocking as Meagan Good. Even a simple bun or loose strands just like her can make you a trend-setter. Just waiting to see what Meagan Good will come out with in the upcoming events. We know even you are curious as we are!

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