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The ever stylish and handsome, American actor ‘Matt Bomer’ – gains popularity initially, from his lead role in a television series ‘White Collar’. Then from his role as ‘Ken’ in Magic Mike series, made him famous in the silver screen. He is more notable, for his stylish hairstyles more than about his performance and acting.


Matt Bomer is very popular for his side part hairstyle and for staying classy all the time. He is a real, brunette person of wavy hair and always keeps medium hair length, in all his styles.


Over the years, Bomer kept on changing his looks with short hair. Even though, the look he maintained is a short haircut, Bomer allowed his hairstyles to change gradually. With various models and looks, he styled it different for all his characters. These styles and looks are great example for staying elegant with medium length hair, which is more appropriate for any costumes, no matter what you wear.


Bomer’s side part – This style is the representation of his look. The side parting wavy hair is not that easy as side parting straight hair, but Bomer always does this right. Bomer side parts his wavy hair with exact perfection, for which he is inspiring many.


He chose left temple to draw his parting lines and uses a light pomade to keep it clean. Most importantly, he is not trying too hard to look classic, but with the style he chose, makes him look classy in a very simple manner.


To recreate his looks, keep in mind to use wide range combs to part the sides, as regular combs may damage your wavy texture. If you want a great hairstyle, which should also be simple then this style looks great with wavy hair.


Some of the characters, he played are even now popular for the looks. As Ian Kipling, he tried a short mussed hairstyle and a moustache with goatee, which gave him a European look. In his ‘Chuck’ character, he wore a clean cut hairstyle that outlines his facial features.


Bomer is also famous for his messy layered style, which allowed him to look like a bit of free spirit. Staying smooth and sexy is the main aim, of this look. To this, the hair in the back and sides of the head are short by forming layers. This then gets blend with the left long top, which is enough to sweep on the sides and style.




Bomer even had Bangs or fringes, earlier in his career. This style made him look, younger. The side fringe or straight bangs are his either choices. More than a neat look, he is often looked with messy hairstyle, which he considered as a classy style.


Another interesting hairstyle of Bomer is the pompadour. He went for this style, to a magazine photo shoot. The strong hold pomade on the top and wavy mane looked trendier, compared to all his previous classy looks.


Matte Bomer surprisingly, went for a cut to his medium hair length and sported with a clean crew cut. His new hairstyle was well received amongst, his fans.

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