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Marley braids


Like any other braids Marley braids are another trend among most African-American women. In addition to its protective style, marley braids have a number of ways in which it can be styled.


Named after the popular reggae artist Bob Marley, this new trend of braids are gaining immense popularity. Done in crochet or twist fow any women of hair in any length, the marley braids are stylish and fun.


With this style, natural hair can be worn with the addition of the braids. Despite the braids taking a period os five to eight hours, the style itself can stay as long as six weeks to a maximal three months at a time, depending on how well it is maintained.


Marley braids can be done in various sized and length, and if you are good enough, you can even do it yourself instead of going to a parlor to get it done.


They are considered to be convenient as well as versatile. So here we take a look at few of the popular one for your inspiration, just in case you were thinking of getting one of these dreadlock styles for yourself.


It is protective and trendy, and you can do it in any size, just like this small sized braids done in a simple way, with tapering ends. Medium braids are more in trend. Thicker braids are also done, which may add more volume and the individual locks becoming more prominent in the braiding pattern. The thick locks make it look soft and fluffy while at the same time bringing up its own stylish appeal.


Playing with color is always fun, especially with these styles of protecting hair. If not the usual bleached blonde or honey blonde locks, how about funky colors like deep maroon, burgundy, even blue tipped dyes and classic grey ones. They add effortless fun and you won’t even have to keep it boring. They will be effortlessly flattering you without you having to do anything more. Just choose a color that matches your skin tone.


Once the braids are done, you can even bring them up into a variety of styles, be it giving a stylish top knot or a twisted bun to sit on your crown. Fancy braids and chignons are also doable.


The braids ca even help you sport some faux up dos. How cool is that?


It’s all about your creativity and what suits you best. Marley brads are low maintenance, very convenient and flawlessly chic. Despite the fact that they tend to get heavy when they are wet, these braids are fun to sport.


An advice to remember is that the braids should be removed once it starts tangling, snapping or breaking. It all depends on how you wear it and how you maintain it. So it actually varies from person to person. If you opt for the Marley’s that are less time consuming to do, you can opt for the twists, which take less time when compared to the braids. The only thing to be done is to twist the braid into the original hair. The overall look depends on how well it is done.


If you want to have a  try at it yourself, we suggest you use a crochet! All in all, have fun with your hair.

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