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The international star and winner of the 2007 Oscar, for ‘La Vie En Rose’ – Marion Cotillard, is a great performer. Marion is very popular for her roles played, and for her number of magazine cover looks. She is notable for her hairstyles and is an absolute fashionista.


Marion hairdos are even, award worthy. Her hairstyles are so vivid and stylish, which gave inspiring ideas to many and think creative. With her styles, she stayed elegant and flawlessly beautiful. Even, she tried some styles that people, cannot take eyes off from her.


She had a medium length hair that is styled, into various looks. Even though, she tried different styles all are simple and classy. The French star once, tucks her hair into a short blond crop to the sides and decorated it with some bobby pins. You can see from this, how simple and elegant, she stayed.


She framed her face with baby-fine bangs. With curly tendrils and these bangs, she appeared in the ‘A Good Year’ event. She even went for 40’s inspired looks, which is very much elaborate.


The retro side swept style – Her side swept curls, is great for any occasions. If you have medium to short curls, it is good to try this style. By just pulling the locks onto one side and making long curls at the sides, frame your face. You should only focus about the maintenance of this style and use some accessories, to get a detailed look.


Marion twisted bun – is great for party looks. She draws her locks back and twists a funny bun on the top. Her, embroidery dress, that she worn completes the twisted bun. You can opt for this look, for a simple day or to a night out. This style can open up your face and works well with stylish clothes.


Marion is popular for her short haircuts. The rich chocolate brown shade and the short cut style, creates a fantastic shape. Her side swept parting, allows the hair to skim forehead and frame the face.


While, the shorter layers at the sides and the back, cut into a choppy style adds benefit to the look. A few loose strand that let to fall off, is very casual and simply beautiful.


She even went for curly looks with the shortcuts. This is really a high-fashion style, which creates a true impact on others. As the hair drawn outwards from the back of the head, adds volume to the shape.


The tousled waves, framed her face and the style looks so different, when viewed from the other side. This is style of catwalk worthy look and makes a statement.


Later, Marion opts for a bob style. The truly modern bob with an edgy asymmetrical line style that she chooses, gave her a contemporary look. The hair is styled dramatically, with side swept that brings all hair to one side and fall off at her shoulder length. The unusual style, works well with many different facial shapes.


Regarding her hair color, she went from light platinum blonde shade to darker brown shades, with some gorgeous highlights.

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