Marine Haircuts For Men



The reason why the military and marine haircuts are trending, is that the simple hairstyles provide men a look that is easy, functional and most importantly, it stays very manly. More than all, the marine haircuts are always a hit and trending for years.


Marine haircuts come in different styles, which look cool and clean. However, not all short haircuts are marine styles, as there are some signature marine haircuts that make you stand out in the crowd. Most marine haircuts are fade styles.


The most popular of marine style is the high and flat top haircut, where the hair at the top is 2-3 inches long and flattened for a compact look. The cut at the sides are close to the skin, which makes the flattened top to look distinguished.


To the same high top, alternative style is the short spiky look instead of the flattened texture. By giving a close shave to the skin at the back and sides, will emphasize the high and spiky cut at the top.


Harvard clip or Princeton cut, are another names of Ivy League cut that offers lot of diversity and extensive popularization to your haircut. The haircut looks exactly like the shape of the skull, because the longer hair on the top gradually decreases on the sides.


You can even vary the density and the style of this haircut, according to your personnel preferences.


Next, most seen marine haircut is the regulation cut. This is one of the standard haircuts for mariner, where the hair at the top is at least 2 inches high that combed sideways. The tapered short length at the sides and back, with very short near the hairline is a variant to keep the hair a tad bit longer.


The high and tight Raccoon cut, is popular amongst law enforcement and safety personnel. This haircut is a slight variation to the normal crew cut, which has another term called ‘skin fade’ because the hair at the top is longer and they keep on fading at the back. The sides and back, look almost shaved.


The complete fade haircuts are quite popular in the marine styles. The smart skin fade is one of the popular fade marine haircuts, which starts with the longer hair that gradually blends with the short sides until it looks like completely shaved.


Most fade marine haircuts, looks like a complete buzz cut with prominent shaved line to make the fade look stylish. This is actually a burr cut, where all the hair is at same length close to the scalp with no slight variations.


Next is the Crew cut that is similar to the burr cut, which features enough hair left immediately at the crown with tapering at the back and sides. This tapering gives some shape to the crew cut.


The last popular marine haircut will be the crown soldier cut. This style is a variation borrowed from many other regular hairstyles. Shaving the sides and back, gives an impression like a cap or crown to the head. Even you can get impression to the centre hair with undercut style at the back.


Nevertheless, with marine haircuts you can stay cool, stylish and never go wrong.

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