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16. Maltipoo haircut


Gone are the days when you were breaking your head to decide a hairstyle for you. Nowadays, a new problem has popped up in the form of grooming your dogs, in order to make them look the best. Hold on, grooming gets difficult if you actually own a maltipoo. Yes, your little cute dog can give you a hard time, it is you responsibility to make your dog presentable. The jovial maltipoo takes inspiration from both the parents, i.e. poodle and maltese. It is as sportive as its parents.


Are you freaking out that your hairy maltipoo may have mats and snarls? Don’t worry; just get a neat haircut for your pet. This article is written with the objective of guiding you to decide on the next haircut for the maltipoo. Before that, let’s just have a quick glance on types of coat available. First type is thick and curly coat; it is a short dense coat which makes separation of curls hard. Such a poodle like coat will make the curls fall on a particular side of the body. Second type is soft and silky coat; this takes influence from its maltese parent. If your wonder whether the curls reach the floor, then sorry, it doesn’t but it’s pretty long. Third type and final type is wiry and wavy; you don’t want such a coat as it can give you tough time. All that you can do with such a coat is, cut it really short.


If you are still worried about styling the coat of your maltipoo, then worry not anymore. We will be helping you to get an adorable haircut for your mate. Some prefer for long haircut, whereas, some stick to short haircut. Let’s discuss in detail about the cutting and trimming of maltipoo’s coat.


If you are looking for a haircut where you can customize it, and then go for town and country clip. Areas under the chopping radar are just the belly, face and legs. You can actually do whatever you want with the rest of body. This haircut will make your already cute dog as the cutest dog in your locality.


Pompom everywhere; that is how your maltipoo will be defined as after having a miami or bikini cut. Lovely pompoms will be seen on tail, legs and face of your dog just like poodle.


Not looking for too much of pompom? Then just stick to a single pompom on the tail and go for utility and kennel cut, where face, feet and tail is shaved except the tail pompom. And not to forget, the ears are trimmed and brush to give a cool look. If you are not happy shaving, then your dog can sport a lamb cut. It leaves longer curls on the body.


No problem if you don’t like the above haircuts, you will surely love the popular haircut for maltipoo. Yes, you guessed it right; we are talking about puppy cut, where you can tie a knot with leftover hair on the head. We are quite sure that your pet will be loved by all with such an endearing haircut.


The last option available is continental haircut if you don’t want pompom on the tail, go for pompom on the legs. It is such an exclusive haircut as others parts are shaved to highlight the pompom on the legs.


There you go! We hope that this article will guide you to make the right decision on your pet’s cool cut and blow. Make sure, you take your dog to a professional to get a haircut as amiable as his attitude.

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