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Magenta Hair Color




The beauty of hair is defined by few factors: Density, strength, shine, haircut and last but it can never ever be the least- Hair Colour. Hair colour plays an important role since it defines not just who you are but also about your choices and preferences. That is the reason why musicians and rockstars wear the funky colours, which complements what they are in their profession. This vouch proofs the fact that the choice of profession also determines the choice of your hair colour. One cannot go haywire just like that for choosing a hair colour. Magenta, being the mash up of purple and red,  is the colour so bold and speaks of valour and gets highlighted easily. While choosing magenta colour, many may have second thoughts on wearing such bold colour on them, but like all other colours, magenta also has a colour family. So consider your skin tone, eye colour, profession and attire preferences before going for this colour. Here are some members of magenta colour family which one can try on.




  1. A Formal Updo: The pink side of magenta can look rocking and super eye-catching. What remains is some sleek, elegant hairdo which is perfect for highlighting the colour more.



2. Dark Magenta And High Bun: A high bun tied and dyed in darker shades of magenta can give you the cool casual look for the weekend eve or even date nights.




3. Ombre Braid Wig: When one doesn’t want to get into the nitty gritty of going into the cumbersome, time taking process of hair colouring, then wigs are the best idea. No one would ever come to know the secret and your hair will also be well kept always.




4. Colourful Cornrows: Have purplish magenta and weaves straight back braids which would make you a unique personality to outshine others.




5. Unicorn Hairdo: Having magenta on your head means your world is transformed. If you are fascinated by the world of mermaids and unicorns then adding depth, texture and dimension to your hair colour won’t be something alien to you. Mix blue with magenta and weave a messy unicorn braid. The combination and creation will leave many stunned.




6. Red Of Magenta: red shade of magenta will look magnificent, lending you an awestruck look. One can always use the contrasting accessory like white flower headband etc.




7. Two Toned Magenta: Having bobs and colouring the upper part black and Lower in magenta. A perfect combo for those who want to play it cool.




8. Lowlights with Headpiece: A combo of violet and fuchsia! What is more happening than this. Experiment with barrels, chain and and flowers will surely amplify the beauty of it.




9. Candy Coats: A pastel hairdo and magenta highlights, a perfect combo for a colourful look.




10. Lousy Dark Hair Braids: Reinvent your half up half down by braiding it down and the magenta will do its magic as next.




M stands for magic, magnificence and also for magenta, so be magically magnificent with magenta.

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