Lucy Hale Hairstyles



The Pretty Little Liars star ‘Lucy Hale’ is an endless source of hair inspirations and she has switched up her hair look throughout her career enormously. The Multi-talented and dynamic ‘Lucy Hale’ has captured the attention of million followers with her cool bob hairstyles.


Haley has a blessed sleek hair texture reaching her shoulder line with normal brunette shade color. During her initial stages, she appeared with jagged cut pin-straight hair. She usually chooses simple half updo styles, matching her pointed straight hair.


From the pin-straight look, she gave a little change over to her hair and styled it into curved ends. With off center parted and some strands falling over her face, Lucy went totally, elegant for many days.


Her next style makes real obsession to her hair. She changed her brunette color into the pitch-dark black shade. With loose curls from the midways, the dark black hair made her round face enhanced and flatters uniformly.


She kept her dark shade to stay for a quite time and went for the chill waves from the ringlet curl style. The dark shade stuck around with her bright red lipstick, gives a glossy finish to her warm skin tone.


Her next look is with chestnut strands of pin-straight hair with endless layers and with dark caramel highlights. The dark black gets a polished look with the caramel shade. With the short layers hitting her chin line and long layers falling over the shoulder, Lucy looked astonishing.


From then on, her love for lob style emerges. Her first lob style is the off centre-parted shoulder length lob with dark brown hair color. The lob style has a slight touch of loose curves at the ends.


Next, Lucy chose mane extensions with deep brown color, to attend an event. The extensions reach below her shoulder line, with layers. To the same mane extension, she gave an asymmetrical style waves with iconic one ear tuck style


Lucy’s ombre look with midway tight curls and with light caramel highlights to the ends, gave her bohemian chic look. She went with this perfect look, to her album launch.


The two-toned pink shrieks loose hairdo is a real inspiration to many. The loose hairdo with deep dark brown and bright ombre effects, enhanced with two-tone pink strips to some hair, is a perfect innovation that complements her overall style.


She is now again back to her lob style with a new look of short crops. The shoulder length asymmetrical lob style and loose waves, matched her perfect strand combinations of highlighted and low-lighted hair.


The second short bob look is the chin length hair, with dark brown shade from top to midway and light platinum shade from the midway to the ends. This Liar star rocked the stage with this shortest cut yet.


Her, jagged cut end bob style looks chic and the color of deep brown shade is stunning. Lucy’s favorite bob style is the feathery bob, along with the blondest look. Everyone went crazy with her feathery blonde bob look.


Lucy’s present hairstyle is a crimped lob with summery highlights. The caramel summery highlights, matched her sharp crimpy ends.

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