Low Updo Hairstyles For Women



86. Low up do hairstyles for women:


The low bun up do hairstyle is a great hairstyle for formal events and ensures that you look smart and classy at all times. With a bun at the nape of your neck, it makes your hairstyle very versatile and glamourous. You are bound to be noticed and the compliments are bound to flow. It doesn’t matter if you are a guest at a wedding or a busy student or the ultimate classic beauty, this haircut looks great on everyone and looks good for every event. You could upgrade your bun by adding braids or romantic twists or pin curl ups. You could also choose to play with the volume and texture of your bun. You could use fun accessories like clips and hairbands to accentuate your look. Do not limit yourself and let your imagination run.


If you are someone who is very dramatic and flamboyant then why not try getting a low up do that matches your personality. If you have volume and thickness the back and the front, then get a style that will break up the thickness at the middle. The double sided braid is a great way to do this and provides some edginess and dimension to this look. If you are a woman who has short, thin or fine hair, then achieving a thick low bun could be difficult. You could get a stylish bouffant and add some curls to achieve the illusion of volume. A small curly bun gives you a very cute and feminine look. The bouffant low bun is a great way to make thin hair look thick. You could create volume by styling your hair into curls and then pin them up into a chignon. A bouffant will help add volume to the crown of your head.


The Low Bun with Long Bangs is another great hairstyle. If you are someone who has chubby cheeks, then you would know that pulling back your hair emphasizes the roundness of your face and does not look flattering for you. In this case, you could add side bangs. This will help slim your visage and add some drama to your look. A simple bouffant will help balance the heaviness of the bun. The greatest thing about getting a low bun is that it allows you the room to add some braided designs in your hairstyle. Owing to the fact that your hair is combed back, it could appear lifeless and flat. A double braid adds some much needed dimension to this look. If you are a woman who haves the bohemian look, then you will love this hairstyle.


You just need to let your imagination fly and try different things you thought would never look good on you, and you’ll be surprised with the results. Something you should also do is planning ahead the hairstyles for the week and practice so you know how long it takes you to do each one.  That way you’ll optimize your time in the morning and still have time to look flawless anywhere you go!

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