Low Ponytail Hairstyles For Women



The low ponytail is a girl’s perfect look for the summer.  This is by far, one of the easiest looks both in terms of execution and maintenance. This look is always in fashion and can be both messy or all low slung and smooth. The latter has been the latest incarnation of the low ponytail which has seen some experimentation from time to time. The low sleek ponytail was quite recently worn by the How I Met Your Mother star, Cobie Smulders. Her look created quite a buzz and understandably so.




This look might not employ a great deal of volume but it still has an air of sophistication about it. The veteran actress, Cate Blanchett wowed everyone with her classy low ponytail. If there is any style out there that can be used to change the appearance of the face, it is this one. But there are even more ponytail looks out there worth trying.




There is the low and full ponytail as worn by the American singer Zendaya. In this look, the top is sleek and glossy while the hair in the middle is airy. Finally, the hair at the back is combed backwards gently to create the volume necessary for this look.




If, that look doesn’t quite cut it, then one can for the beautiful side-swept look like Jamie Chung. One can also go for Bardot-inspired bangs like Ciara. But, if a girl is blessed with silky smooth hair, then she can go for the “one polished” pony look. This look is sure to make any girl stand out in the workplace.


Staying with the slick hair, one can go for the sleek and low ponytail like Beyonce. This is one glamorous look and is perfect for any big-ticket event. Actress Olivia Wilde however revolutionized the whole look with the bubble pony. This is one fun look that can be pulled off with a bit of effort.




Even, the French have added their touch to this widely popular look. By doing a double-sided French twist one can fashion a very low-slung ponytail. This again is a truly glamorous look. Singer Nicki Minaj however, took the ponytail to a whole new level altogether with her sky-high ponytail. This look serves to keep the hair out of the eyes while tucking the ponytail over the shoulder.


One can even go for a “poufed” three-part pony like Blake Lively or add a wavy style to the ponytail. But if one has the volume then one can go for a look like Ariana Grande. In this style, the top half of the hair is pulled up into a ponytail at the crown. The rest of the hair can be just allowed to flow down after covering up the elastic.




Low ponytails will never go out of fashion. They are effortlessly stylish and when done the right way it can add a dash of glamour to one’s look. This hairdo also is very functional and is easy on the upkeep and keeps the girls cool on hot summer days.

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