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Louis Tomlinson hairstyles


From being in the most popular boyband to staring out his own path, Louis Tomlinson has been a crush for all the young girl across the globe. We saw him first on x-factor from where he started off the boy band One direction with the fellow band mates who are equally as popular and charming as him. Staring off as young boys, they have now grown up as handsome young men and Louis, the oldest one of them is no less.


The daddy direction who has had a baby, Freddy Reign, last years, is still rocking, having even released a song featuring Bebe Rexha and Digital Farm Animals. ‘Back to You.


But we’re not here to talk about that. We are here to talk about how this former Direction star has forever been sporting a variety of hairstyles since his debut.


With popularity as a member of the popular boy band, we took notice of Louis, just like all the other million girls.


In 2010, as they kicked off with being a rookie, Louis was seen with the shaggy cut in a long length. While most of the other member were also sported with the same style, louis sported the shag with his own sense of charm.


We loved his cute shaggy look. The style made him and adorable one.


Next year, we see him transform into a real hottie. The blown out look to his thick locks gave him the more matured and trendy look that we could not help but notice. We absolutely loved his new look. The long layers and the wind-blown hair showed off his features more.


With his age growing, so did his sense of style. The super slicked back style that he often sported to his long locks look absolutely dapper on him. We liked the neat look that he sported, but this is not to say that we do not like this messy style. We like him in both. We do not mind either the rolled out of bed look or the neat all business look. We are absolutely crushing on both.


We found the quiffs that he sported to be as equally charming on this young man. Nothing like a cleaner appearance for a change. And we must day, he looks nothing short of being smart in a tux.


As he got more matured, He started sporting a guff appeal with the messy brown locks. The mild beard and thin line of moustache was adorable on this growing young man.


We are always fond of Louis and his straight hair being styled into a number of way. Be it brushed backward, forward, sideways or spiked, even a quiff, we must all agree that is layered hair always looks good on him. Few can disagree, but we will always have a school girl crush on this young man.


We hope to see more of Louis as he starts off with his solo career. Cheers and support to him.

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