Loose Ponytail For Women



Loose ponytail for women


Ponytail is vital part of a woman’s life as it is sported all throughout her life. Especially, if you’re running late to any hairstyle, then all you got to do is push back your hair into a pony with a help of a band and step out of your house. Life is simple and painless with pony as looks chic on anyone. When you for messy and loose pony, you should look even more chic. So, we’re here to take you through the diverse hairstyle options available for ponytails. You will be floored by the list as you believed all your life that there is just a single style of tying up your hair into pony.


Starting with low loose pony, it is a style of tying your hair into a pony below the nape just to get the worn out loose image. The lazy looking style is paired with bangs in the front to define your features. It is best suited if you have a long layered hair in offer.


How about a hairdo straight from fairy tales? One such is twist and loose pony in which the front hair is twisted and gathers in the back as pony which is tied on the nape. The tail hair is wrapped into one and other to get the voluminous messy appearance. You can also opt for side swept pony where the side hair is twisted into the pony that is tied on the shoulder.


Poofy pony is tie up with a band and in the front a plenty of loose locks are let free to get the face framing coiffure. You can keep it simple with bedhead pony which shows off your texture. It wrap around a strand of hair on the band to get the chic look.


Get your braids into the pony, you can have it in the top or the sides of your head. Mohawk braid pony is a style of braiding the top hair and leaving the rest as a pony. The braid can in form of loose tall French or Dutch braids on the top to give the Mohawk effect without chopping or using razor. Next is pompadour pony? Don’t worry; we are still talking about women hairdos! Roll up your top hair to get the pompadour effect and tie a loose pony at the back. As interesting as these hairdos sound, they are vivacious too!


Add colour to life by adding colour to your style! The grey colour to your messy loose pony will make you look trendy and sophisticated. You just have to blow dry your hair to get amazing messy coiffure. The chestnut shade will give a purely overwhelming appearance for your loose pony. The blonde blend to your hair can make your braids and pony into something astonishing to see. Feel free to sport the look you want as we consider all the above options as a go-to for a girl. The lower your pong hangs, the higher the impact!

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