Loose Hairstyles For Women



There is a true saying that, ‘When women opens up their hair and leave to flow free, they look even more beautiful’. Because, the loose hair flatters the face uniformly and the structured cheekbone, are enhanced.


Loose hairstyles are so versatile, which you can wear for any formal or informal events and it can make you look different on your daily basis. With hair length and texture, the loose hairstyle goes well with them. Moreover, the loose hairstyles are perfect to complete your lazy days.


A simple high puff at the front, by giving back tease to the front hair and pinning them up near the crown, is an elegant choice for a formal event. On the other hand, any simple braid styles at side can make you look pretty.


Waterfall braids or lacy French braid at the top, gives your hair a downwards look and adds effect to the overall style. The benefits of these two hairstyles are that they both look great even with sleek straight and curly/wavy hair.


When you do not have time to style your hair into any braid styles, then go for twist style. Simple section your hair into two on the front and twist both sections separately and, pin them low at the nape of the neck. This way, the rest flowing hair gets a wider look.


Knotted side ponytail and side braids with side ponytails, are some simple stunning loose hairstyles that can make your day look perfect and gives you a change of look. To the side ponytails, give some charming twist at the nape of neck and it makes you look standard.


To kick your look up a notch, give side partition to your hair and take a thick section of hair at the front. Make the hair into a roll style and pin them at the very top to the nearer front. This loose hairstyle is a perfect look for a party or to a night out.


For a modern and glam look, go with the half-up bouffant loose style. By making bouffant with the crown hair and making the front hair to flow asymmetrically, which is pin behind the bouffant gives the rest hair to rest on both sides. This mod hairstyle will definitely make some heads turn and this style is very easy to create.


Loose fishtail braids with some strands falling off your face, is an added interest to your style. To give a change over to the normal fishtail, make side parted fishtail braid and pin them at the nape of the neck on the opposite side.


More than the normal bun, the loose twists from both sides formed together into a loose low bun, is a sophisticated style of bun that you can wear for workplace or on the weekend days for shopping. You can even go with low loose side chignon bun, which should not be tight and some strands should peak out of the bun for an additional style.


Wrap up your hair and wear it as a beautiful bow style bun at the high crown. Be prepared to get compliments from everyone with this pretty bow style.

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