Long Weave Hairstyles For Women


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Long weave hairstyles


Weaves hairstyle. At one point of time, growing out hair became a tedious job that few women had the patience for. When hair grows at a length of 1 inch maximally in 4-6 weeks it comes up to several months and even years to come down to the luscious length. For some other women, it was even harder as their hair growth became difficult due to several conditions.


Thanks to 21st century being the era of everything made possible, we now have hair extension, which we love to call, the “weave”. Weaves are extensions that also gives protection to the hair, in addition to sorting out the problem of hair growth. While the real hair is put into braids, the weaves are sewn into them.


Weaves come as either natural or artificial, with the natural being more expensive as they are ethical and come from humans, having been donated. Artificial ones are factory made and comes for less the price. However, there can be not much of a distinction between the natural and the artificial hair as both look almost similar.


Weaves are thus a great way to attain natural looking long hair. Moving on, we are about to see several ways on how to style the weave.


For blonde hairs, long weaves in blown out big waves are trendy and highly flattering. The soft waves do wonders for the appearance despite its’ simple style.


Trendy and pretty, braids are also a versatile way to style your weaves. They are elegant and can be done in a flattering number of ways. How about bringing in dyed weaves that will give a two toned braid when done in an artistic way? We love to be unique and this is just about perfect.


Weaves also come in the coily curls. The classic afro corkscrew curls and yet again be styled in a number of waves, that are in itself a classic black beauty. Done in layers, you can just leave them free flowing after maintaining them with moisturizer and careful conditioning.


Better quality of weaves can give a silky finish that is smooth to the touch and a delight to look at. Kept loose, and well maintained, these re luxurious and graceful.


The season for more does not die down even when the weaves comes in. Styling your weaves in lavish ombre gives and appealing tone to the brunette locks. The delicious layers of hair flowing down in waves are a huge trend among brunettes. There is no reason why anybody who wants the same style should be stopped. They can get it done with weaves, no matter if their hair is short or if they are unable to lengthen their hair.


Need we even stress the advantages of having a weave done? In addition to the protection, you can style your weaves in any way while still protecting your natural hair. Dye it, streak it, curl it, straight it, these locks will add dynamics to your appearance and you can change it every 4-6 weeks. The only thing to keep in mind is how you are getting your weaves bonded in, as well as how well you maintain it.

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