Long Wavy Hairstyles Women



Mostly, styling the wavy/curly hairstyles are little difficult and many women usually temped to cut their wavy hair into shorter length. Nevertheless, the real immense look lies in the long wavy/curly hairstyles that flatters all face shapes and adds beauty.


Regardless of any length from long to medium, when the wavy hair left to free flow, is perfect example of how a simple style look can makes many heads turn around. More than any updos with long wavy hair, you will get the real elegance of beauty with loose long wavy hair.


When you consider hairstyles for long wavy hair, then the hairstyles must contain two main features. One is the layers, to give the right thickness look to the hair and the other one is the right length, which makes the curls to maintain the spring effect.


The beautiful layered wavy haircut, with half pin up hairstyle looks flawless and is a fun-to-go hairstyle for occasions. Waves with small messy bun on the top, is a beautiful chaotic half up hairstyle that will keep your curls stay in place.


Layered wavy hair looks great when accompanied, with any braid styles. The curls along with the braid style can make the braids look voluminous and is an added benefit to the simple curls.


A French braid or an inverted Dutch braid at the side, can be simple change over to your daily routine look. You can leave the rest of the hair to hang free or pull off them into ponytail. With classic low ponytails and a side braid, can guarantee to keep your curls in line for a longest day.


Instead of French braid on the sides, give an upgraded look to the wavy hair with side fishtail braid. Make the fishtail braid, look like a headband and pin them at the back. The side fishtail braid combined with the long wavy hair, look exceptional when caressed by the wind.


There is not even a single bad view, when adding bangs to the long wavy hair. Bang style gives you a tricky look and you can keep your bang straight with blunt ends or textured bangs. These bang styles contrast the flowing highlighted long waves.


Moreover, with bangs you can pull off the long wavy hair, into a high ponytail at the crown or into messy bun at the back. The bun is a great way to pull off your hair quickly and with simple bang, the look is great enough even to your workplace.


If you are a lover of loose wavy hair than any hairstyles and yet you want the waves to look gorgeous, then the right choice is going with right highlights to the waves. These highlights can make your waves look prominent and bulky.


Dark golden blonde shade highlights, from the midways of a natural dark wavy hair, draws attention to every curl of your luxurious tresses. You can even go for blonde shaded waves completely leaving alone the roots to stay dark.

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