Long Wavy Bob Haircut For Women

The bob hairstyle has been a fashion favourite for a long time. It has rightfully earned its position as a classic haircut. And, it has many reasons to enjoy the popularity that it does. This style is perfect for all lengths of hair. Long hair can be fashioned into untidy yet sensuous waves. This style compliments both curls and slicked out hair. Moreover, this hair, which can be worn in any season, also works perfectly with both fringes and a side-part. And, there is not a shade of colour that can put it off.


In 2017, this hairstyle has been very much in trend. This look is loved by the celebrities too. Oscar winning actress, Emma Stone showed the way with a long bob cut coupled with bangs and waves that accentuated her femininity. American actress Olivia Munn, also wowed her fans with a layered long bob cut that was complimented with beach waves and topped off with a deep part.


One can also go for a bob cut like the English actress Daisy Ridley. The actress parted her bob at the centre and added forward and backward curls alternatively. This makes for a cute wavy bob cut. However, this actress also has for company, fellow English actress, Emilia Clarke. Emilia shows exactly how to add beach waves to a blonde long bob cut.


And it isn’t a look that is loved by just the actresses. British model, Jourdan Dunn looked positively radiant in her sun-kissed-ombre bob cut! But if one is looking for radiant long bob cuts, then one can take a leaf out of the style book of Mad Men star Kiernan Shipka. She looked oh so vibrant in a summery bob cut!


This stylish cut has even been spotted on the Transformers actress, Rose Huntington-Whiteley. But if the look of the day is a long bob with wavy curls, then one can take a styling cue from the American actress and singer Christina Milan. Zero Dark Thirty actress Jessica Chastain has also the rocked the look with the help of her beautiful hair.

American music artist Demi Lovato also likes the long bob cut albeit in a shorter length and with lesser waves. But in doing so, she aptly brings to the fore the benefits of such a cut for the active women. This cut of hair is light and airy and if one is more of an outdoors woman or a performer like Demi, then it is the perfect style to go for. However, if a lady is just looking for a cut that will make her look pretty and keep her cool on hot summer days, then hands down, this is the perfect cut.


So, the stars love the long wavy bob. It is perhaps one of those simpler ways to look pretty if not beautiful and one need not have to constantly worry about maintenance. This style also lets one experiment and play about a little even with the lesser volume of hair. This is one trendy look that makes a lot of sense in today’s high pace world!

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