Long Undercut For Men And Women



Long undercut for men and women:


The undercut hairstyle is back in fashion and is becoming one of the popular hairstyles worn by both men and women. It is flattering for both genders and could transform your look completely. This hairstyle was brought over to America from Europe and was an extremely popular hairstyle among men in the 1920’s. This hairstyle continued to be popular during the 30s and 40s. Towards the 1980s, this hairstyle came back into fashion with celebrities like Prince and David Bowie sporting this hairstyle. The 90s was decade of experimentation and the undercut hairstyle also took a new form with punk fans trying this hairstyle. Today, celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry and many others are slaying this look and look edgy and smart.


There are many smart undercut hairstyles for men like: The long hair undercut. This is an extremely stylish and cool hairstyle for men. To get this look work with damp hair, so that your hair will look shiny and will be easy to style. Another popular undercut hairstyle for long hair is by splitting into sections and styling your hair.


A perfect example of how flexible an undercut hairstyle for men can be seen in the following haircuts. In one, we have an undercut hairstyle in which there is plenty of hair to the left, this volume is created with the help of a blow dryer. If you are someone who is lucky enough to have thick hair, then use pomade and style your hair from the front to the back to achieve a slicked back look.  The undercut hairstyle with thick waves is a very popular hairstyle today. Owing to the fact that major of your head is shaved, the thick hair on your head will look cool. The waves help add another dimension to this look.


The long fringe undercut hairstyle is an edgy look as well. In this hairstyle the sides are short but are not completely shaved to the scalp, and by keeping the fringe longer, the look is unique and classy.


All of us need to accept that the undercut has been transformed into a soft but glamorous look for women. This hairstyle looks really good if you have silver grey hair. If you have short blond hair, go for a short undercut hairstyle. Even if you have medium length wavy hair, you can rock the undercut hairstyle. By keeping most of your hair at one side of your hair, you can get a classy and fabulous haircut. Another popular undercut hairstyle that has


Today, the undercut hairstyle has become increasingly popular. It gives you the chance to show up your neck when all your waves are styled to one side. Why not colour your hair purple of blue and making your hairstyle even more unique and interesting. Try adding a hairband or hairclips to your hair to vamp up your style even further. The undercut hairstyle for short hair could look extremely flattering for women. With the addition of a soft fringe at the front of your hair, this hairstyle will do wonders for you.


The short spikey hairstyle looks really impressive and the addition of colour sets this look apart. Celebrity fashion icon, Malin Akerman is well known for her old style, vintage Hollywood beauty aesthetic, so you could picture the shock that we all had when she came out with a funky undercut hairstyle for the red carpet.

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