Long Pony Hairstyles For Women



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Long ponytail hairstyles


Perhaps it is a woman’s habit to pull on an elastic and have her hair tied back into a ponytail, be it messy or tight. For a day at home doing chores, a run to the store, or even when you’re running around town, ponytails are a savior to keep the strands of hair away from the face.


The perks of sporting a ponytail is that you can style it for any event accordingly. It’s simply a matter of brushing your hair and pulling it up high, or even low and tying it up. Plus, there re a number of ways to style a ponytail that we can apply and look trendy while effectively keeping it practical.


With Ariana Grande and her high and mighty ponytail, she gave us the ultimate ponytail crush. Not only her, but we have spotted so many iconic ponytails being spotted by many celebs. We see it on the runways, we see it on our favorite celebrities, we see it on the girl next door, and we even see it on men!


We are here to give your more ponytail crushes that will leave you reaching out for a hairbrush and an elastic band to sport some of the latest ponytail trends that are going hot.


For women with long wavy hair, bringing the hair at the scalp into a neat brushed up look with the tail part going wavy and wild, is a different take on the simple ponytail. The contrast of the sleek and the mess makes it one style to try out. Take Zendaya for her perfectly pulled off look. You either tie it up high or can even go low at the nape of your neck.


For a casual look, a low ponytail can look great on wavy hair. Essentially it looks more like the elastic band is slipping off your tresses but there is another style to it that we have been spotting some models in the runway with it.


A cut look with cute curls. Instead of tying it up at the back of the head, how about trying it out at the side of the head?  Simply make a knot on the side and sweep all your hair to one shoulder.


A polished pony is the easiest for women with sleek straight hair. Not much effort to be put into it, it is simply a matter of brushing the hair neatly and bringing them into a tight knot. For a trendier look, one can take a small section of the hair from underneath the tail and wrap it around the knot to hide the band.


Bubble pony are also a thing to try out for the stylish ones. Despite how hard it looks, it actually isn’t. Simply taking on a classic pony and section tie the flowing hair about two or three inches apart depending on how big you want the bubbles to be. A clear transparent elastic band is suggested for this look. The last step is to pouf the bubbles.


The sky high and mighty ponytails often seen sported in an iconic way by Ariana Grande, and even Nicki Minaj is one of the ultimate ponytail dream.


It’s about time to have some serous ponytail make over. We are getting an upgrade and we suggest you do the same.

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