Long Natural Hair For Black Women



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Long natural hair for black women


Black women are known for their thick curls and the intense black tresses. While some women crave for the natural curls and go to lengths to have their tresses gain these looks, these women were born with them.


These type of hair with the natural delicious curls are categorized into 3C, 4A, 4B and 4C type of hair. The women with 3c hair type has corkscrew curls, while the 4a have defined beautiful set of curls in an s-shaped pattern. Women with 4b has a more z-shaped pattern. Phew! Who know there was so much about curly hair.


Black women, while they are restricted to some types of hairstyle can always set their own trends. Their natural hair is no less beautiful from blondes or brunettes.


If you want simply drown in your natural locks, we suggest you keep them healthy. Yes, it does take a lot of effort to maintain such hair, but we think that being able to flaunt your natural locks are simply amazing because few black women actually wear their hair naturally. Its’ about time to get out of the cornrows and the box braids and the crochet and the Senegalese twists


We suggest that you grow out your hair if you would like to show the curls, because longer hair lets you enhance the curls. The long curly hair is just fabulous. They are so much better than the artificial curls that so many other women dream of having.


While accentuated curls are wonderful, a shag can be edgy and look just as beautiful. Some black women have the magic in them to make the shaggy hair look stylish. We get jealous of women with such magic.


If letting loose is not an option, how about using scarfs and hair ties? They are stylish as well as useful. We have seen many black women styling their hair with colorful scarfs and it rather comes very trendy. The added volume helps.


Other days, perhaps you can simply tie it up to let the long curls down at your back, or even pin it up into a bun, whatever works best.  Eccentric up-dos are a cool choice for edgy women. We would love to see some more of it.


Otherwise you can wear your natural hair in a braid too. A crown braid to hold off the hair falling to the face may be a bit difficult but we are pretty sure it would look fabulous on the bulky tresses. Still yet, there are a number of ways to keep those long natural tresses in the smart trend zone.


As natural hair tends to get dry and does not retain much moisture, we suggest that women with such hair should keep it moisturized. Otherwise, it is prone to becoming dry and the hair may break, leading to damage. Gentle care is needed for which; minimal sulfate shampoos are suggested. Frequent washing should also be avoided as it results in brittle hair. Conditioner with lightweight essential oils should always be used when washing or wetting the hair.


Wide toothed combs re recommended, while heat treatment should also be avoided as much as possible, including hot air blow drying. Oil the hair regularly to keep the curls hydrated and healthy.


Now take care of your gorgeous tresses and get ready to flaunt it to the world.

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