Long Mohawk For Women



The short Mohawk has been around since what feels like the dawn of times and still looks fresh as ever. Likewise, the Mohawk with long styles are in trend now. Fast-forward to today long Mohawk hairstyles is still going strong.


When you have long hair and do not feel ready for the big chop look. Then there is some wonderful version of Mohawk for long hair known as Fauxhawk. These Fauxhawk style features poufs and braids than can totally pass for the real deal.


With long hair, Mohawk is styled with longer top at the crown either with or without shaved heads. The long top styling way is merely of your choice, where many options are available to make it look modern and stylish.


If you love wavy textured hair, then try some wavy strands at the top. Comb the strands forward towards the back, so that the strands fall off until your back neckline. This style offers you an extreme change over to your overall appearance.


You can even make side partition classic Mohawk look with long hair, where the long hair falls off asymmetrical, looks classy.


For alternative look, gather all the hair on the central strip and start a French or Dutch braid. When you reach the end, twist the remaining hair into a big intricate puff. Use pins and some hair sprays to make everything hold and look in place.


The Mohawk hairstyles with braided sides are the modern twist to the classic versions. For this look, the sides have braided, with either small French braids or twists. Keep in mind that the braid must be close to scalp as possible.


To the left over longer top, you can choose to blend the braid with the rest of hair or just let it to hang loose. The result will be a wonderful braided strand with sexy and bold look.


Mostly Fauxhawk look big, fluffy and unapologetic making them perfect for long hair that is further styled into two types. The one in which the middle part is a single giant braid and the second one in which the middle part is a long strip of curls.


While the braid middle part is much pretty and self-explanatory, whereas the curly one often seem harder to do than actually it is. Moreover, for this Fauxhawk style you do not need to shave the sides.


Make sure the sides of the hair are nicely slick down that add benefit to the middle part braid look.


Finally, to get funky look to your hair, try pastel Mohawks. The pastel trend has been around for a while and it does not look like going away so soon. These are simply colored Mohawks, which are bold and dreamy at the same time.


The secret for this pastel dreamy look is that, the colors stay only at the top centre strip or on the shaved sides and, not on both at once. This way it offers, certain dynamic look to the coif that keeps the onlooker guessing.


Above all these, the long Mohawk still reinvents itself with every person own look, whoever wears it.

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