Long Layered Bob Haircut



10. Layered bob


Who don’t love layered lob? Want to know which type of layered lob is in trend? Obviously, your answer would be yes, so is ours. None needs an explanation on what is layered bob. Such is the popularity of this particular haircut. We are quite sure that every single woman out there would have sported a bob if not a layered bob, at least once in her lifetime. If not now, maybe when she was a kid, but certainly bob has been part of our life. Now, same applies to layers, mostly everyone would have asked your hairdresser for a layer cut too some time in past. If not, its high time to get it done in form of layered bob. Even if you don’t want to give up on your long mane, that is not a problem at all. There are various layered bob hairstyles available for long hair.


Confused that which lob would suit you better? Surely, some or the other bob style would suit you too, as there are numerous variety pertaining to length and setting of tresses. The bobs in trend are sported to increase or reduce the thickness of one’s hair. The layered bob is actually the sought-after hairstyle as it covers all fields, such as, low maintenance, trend and highlights, even adopted by trend-setters such as celebrities.


Unofficially, we can call lob as the best haircut of season as various bloggers and celebrities chopped their hair into layered lob. Olivia Munn has adopted lob with layers in place of her tresses. Brooklyn Decker, we know she has a sexy body, now she has sexy lob with layers too. Want to sport a girl next door look? Follow the steps of Tyra Banks as she has pulled it graciously with her bangs lob.


Streaming out loud, give me a try, is the longer bob as it is an alternate option available over tradition short bob. It is time to take break from your regular hairdo and to adopt a style statement which is in fashion. Sporting a new hairstyle would give a freshness of soul. Show off your style to world by adding highlights or ombre to your long bob with layers. Okay, now lets get into the different appealing hairdos available.


Textured medium haircut, it can be define by the feather cut to edges and variety of layers which gives a clean messy look. Long lob with fringed bangs will make you look the cutest, but only if short bangs suits you. Do you have an elongated face? Then we recommend you to go for angled bob with layers. The wavy styled hairdressing makes use of geometry. The razor cut lob blonde balayage adds softness against the harsh scissors used in traditional cuts. Visual appeal is created by inverted lob, as it attracts attention towards you, courtesy to your hairdo. Breezy long bob is apt for a holiday, as it is considered as low maintenance. Root fade shaggy lob is just for you, if you have thin hair, as such a cut will provide additional volume to the tresses. Experiment with the texture, colour, part and length in order to find the correct bob for your face.

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