Long Hairstyles For Thick Hair Women



Thick hair texture is always, a blessing. It is simply luxurious, for the styling options it offers. If you have a very thick textured hair then, that is really a big luck. Moreover, you will definitely get tons of compliments from the people around you, as the thick hair is not always easy to get naturally.


Even though, the thick hair is a blessing, many women find it difficult to style and maintain it. Between the washing, blow-drying it and the endless detangling, the pursuit for perfect hair never ends. The desire to style the thick hair weightless and bring it to perfection, is always been a great task.


Thick textured Haircuts and hairstyles, offer unlimited options from chic to sassy styles, also gives you a gorgeous look. Whether your hair is straight sleek or curly nature, options for various styling are present, which you can go for.


Layered hairstyle – this style is the best solution and the most loved style of all times. The layer style can give you weightless and gorgeous look, and keep the hair falling off from your face. Most importantly, you do not need to reduce volume; this style will only give you a less volume look.


Bouncy layers that flick gently with a straightened look, add transition to your body and dimension. You can even try thick braids, by combining all your hair onto one side and making it look casual which is perfect for any work place.


Bangs, along with the layered cut is a great choice. When it is blend gradually with the layers, gives you a graceful look. Try side sweep version of bangs, to change your usual routine and to get a very lovely look.


Long hair with undercut – looking from the outside, this hairstyle looks from all long cuts. However, when you peak underneath, you will notice the things that separates, it from the other average style. Undercut style, is a fun way to spice up your daily routine. Anyhow, this style requires more maintenance.


Side parted beach waves – the ever-popular wavy texture, is something that looks great with your overall appearance. You are fortunate, if you have this wavy style naturally. Thick hair can be tricky, but with good loose beach wave is one style that works well with professional style.


For more inspiration, you can look for some celebrity ideas. ‘Zooey Deschanel’s’ blunt bangs, is ideal for thick hair and the fine texture fringe is prone to looks stringy. ‘Connie Britton’s’ – long side swept layers, gives you a flowy, flattering shape that perfectly frames your face.


‘Minka Kelly’s half-up Do’, if you have some time and hair to spare, then this look will make your mane out of your face while emphasizing its lushness.


Moreover, thick hair looks great when touched with right color shades and highlights. Darker the highlights, gives thicker texture look to your hair. Try selecting color that matches, your skin tone and does not spoil your overall natural look.

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