Long Hairstyles For Indian Men

When it comes to the good hair genes, Indian men are blessed with it. Long thick hair that is both voluminous and easy-to-style is common amongst Indian men. The Indian male celebrities as well have sported some fantastic long hairstyles over the years. Whether it be Hritik Roshan’s long locs in the movie Agneepath or Arjun Rampal’s gorgeous tresses he has sported over the years, the Bollywood is full of long haired male celebs.

Few of the noteworthy Indian Bollywood celebrities to sport long hairstyles which have been well received by the audience are Shahrukh Khan, Arjun Rampal, Hritik Roshan, John Abraham, Salman Khan, Dino Morea, Shahid Kapoor and Ranvir Singh to name a few.

But these long hairstyles are not restricted to celebs only. Sure they can be used as an inspiration and we certainly will use plenty of actors and models as our inspiration today, but this post is for the regular Indian guy who wishes to sport long hair and that is what we’ll be showcasing below. Few of the most common long haired styles for the Indian man

1. Straight Shags: The shaggy cut is an absolute for highlighting the Indian jawline. This is a great hairstyle for someone having a bigger forehead who wishes to cut some length of his face or with a receding hairline to cover it up.

2. With Ponytails: Ponytail will always be classy and Bollywood star SRK has vouch this fact by crowning it like the true king that he is. Not only SRK but a ton of young men are seen sporting the ponytails hairstyle and we feel it looks great

3. Long Waves: If you want to sport a badass look then go for wavy long locks. This is a great style for someone with waves or curls and can go with minimum styling but requires a lot of tender love and care to protect your hair from damage

4. The Dishevelled Mess: Be bold and confident with your out of the bed look and this hairstyle is guaranteed to make you look sexy. This hairstyle provides the perfect amount of ‘messy’ for that bad boy look.

5.Gelled Hair: You can gel your hair back for a more formal and Italian Mafia look. This is a great style for men with hair just over the nape.

6. Layered Haircut: Last but not the least and certainly our the most recommended hairstyle out of all for men with long hair is the layered haircut. Layered haircut is where sections of your hair are cut into different lengths, angles and layers to give your tresses a distinguished look (think Hritik Roshan from Agneepath)

Layered haircuts are no longer just restricted to women. They look equally well on men too and are a go to style for lot of long haired men. We too recommend it whole-heartedly to you but you might have to get a good stylist to get it done.

We hope you enjoyed this list and have come up with interesting new styles for yourself. We’ve added a few more bonus styles below. Have fun with your long hair!