Long Hairstyles For Indian Men



Long Hairstyles for Indian Men




Men and hair has never been a topic to be thought much about together, but not anymore. Men too have become actively involved in keeping their hair not just squeakily styled but also healthy and stylish. When it comes to styling men’s hair and that too in informal ways, the first thing that comes to mind is long locks of men. Be it normal office going man or a celebrity, all have and want to go out of box at times and need a change in their normal routine hairstyle. Just having long locks doesn’t solve the problem but the actual problem arises when men have long tresses but are lost when it comes to styling them and colouring them. Like every lock has its key, there are several hairstyle to done on long hair. Let’s have a look at them




1. Straight Shags: The shaggy cut is absolute for highlighting the Indian jawline. Leave the straight flicks open in the air and let them wave their magic wand.




2. With Ponytails: Ponytail will always be classy and Bollywood star SRK has vouch proofed the fact by crowning it many a times.




3. Long Waves: If you want to sport a badass look then go for wavy long locks. Easiest to do and maintain.




4. The Dishevelled Mess: Be bold and confident with your out of the bed look and stay with the stub on and in your dishevelled avatar. For boys and men its one thing to get killed for.




5.Gelled Copper Do: Gell up your tresses. Back and let it be like a dopper. Remember Virat Kohli the famous Indian cricket player playing it cool with it.




6. The Wavy Shaggy: If you have curly locks, then make it swag and wear it cool.




7. Straight Shags: Ranvir Singh has donned this charismatic look with royal moustaches and straight long shaggy locks.  Men who have long oval faces can definitely give it a whirl.




8. Razored Crop: Keep the fronts uneven, edgy and sharp in one shot. Leave the back tresses in their normal texture. Be it wavy or straight. You are ready to hit the glamour world.




9. Long Buzzes: Buzzes are something which go with any hairstyle, face cut or event. A very low maintenance hairstyle to done oneself with.




10. Silver Sooth Layers: Having long hairs cut in soothe ones not only gives it a formal look but also maintains your charming aura of long tresses handles nicely and smartly.

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