Long Hairstyles For Indan Women



Indian women are known to be some of the best women in the world. Their style and grace with which they make their hairdo is always outstanding with their unique and sharp features. India is known for its beauty so as its women. Possessing distinct and extraordinary features and styles ranging from one state to another and from one province to another, their culture and heritage is the idle factor adding to their beauty.


Long hair is the best features for Indian women which will always be gallant for all women in India for their varying and distinct skin tone which is merely because of various different provinces in India with its varying culture and heritage that’s why it’s told that India is the country of mosaic culture.


Long hairstyles especially when made on to an Indian woman projects her distinguished from other country women as the pride long hair is being well maintained by the Indian women for years. It makes their beauty enhanced with lots of old and precious techniques.


A simple wavy open up with the hair strands getting bounced will have its seeming and ravishing make- over with the soft sleek side bangs which takes its centre partition. These waves are taken up front just below the shoulders making the bounces a fantabulous one.


These waves can take its distinct make over from one person to the other depending upon one’s hair texture and hair coloring. Most of the Indian women prefer burgundy and chocolate brown for projecting their strands to be more glossy and radiating.


A pretty and elegant make for a long sleek is its doomed and puffed front pinned up and proceeded by an elegant and outraging high feathered ponytail. This ponytail giving an effect of steps which have its tips curled and waved with an extraordinary lushness and sophistication. This gives more girlish appeal when few strands are left loosely in the sides falling and crossing once cheeks.


The ever gorgeous look of braids which are simply three partitioned is very popular among the Indian women who take pride in wearing that with so much of meaning behind it. Three partitions of the hair strands denoting ‘Her nuclear family, her husband’s family and her own family’ which simply means the long term unity of these three families.


Most of the Indian women go crazy on French braids especially for attending any of the special moments which happens in their family. The most special moments of Indian culture is the family wedding. No Indian wedding will have their rituals without the smell of flowers. Flowers play a major role in all the special functions especially the jasmine buds. The beauty of jasmine buds will be really noblesse and splendid when pinned up on a three partitioned braids.


These Indian braids can also be puffed in the front and continued with the different styles of braids. The starting point of braid is decorated with different shades of flower wounds which are curved to forma circle or semicircle with a circular jewel in the centre of the floral wounds.


Long hairstyles for Indian women will always carry its dignified and ravishing make- over.

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