Long Hairstyles For Black Men



Black men have a natural thick and long hair look, which is their biggest advantage. When it comes to styling their hair, they are the pioneer in many innovative looks. Moreover, they always chose various styling methods that range from traditional lengths to some creative ideas.


Since, African men have thick prominent hair; they have plenty of styling options with which they rock the world. Whatever the styles they go for, they always choose to stay natural. From dreads to long hairdos, many ways are there to style their thick hair.


Black men, is popular for their very own – dreadlocks. They are flattering, and look definitely cooler on men. It creates a fantastic look when being left to fall off into the shoulders. When you feel to want a formal style, you can go for making them into a ponytail.


Most black men started disliking fancy braids and started to go for cornrows.  For more appealing look than the braid and you can even try neat cornrows. Twists or buns are manlier, than braids. Twists keeps luxurious coils fall off your head and face, which offer a classy pattern.


Bun hairstyle – For an easy stand out, African men chose bun hairstyle. This style also does not need much maintenance, which stands out from the crowd. Keep the sides of your head trim and bun in the top. This is an urban look, and creative style.


The defined wave cut – is a hairstyle that black men wear for a formal look. This cut is a closely shaved but not so close to the head, as a buzz cut. The style mane is also uniform in size, throughout the head and a small amount of pomade applied for styling the locks.


Long braids with fade – This is a Samoa inspired feel to it, because of the curve of the head. For more interest, you can go for the line design, cutting into demarcate the two sections. The hair put into a box braids, makes the hair go out of the way.


Long natural curly hairstyle – Black guys with long hair, have many options and this one gives off an emo rocker vibe. The tight curls with long length are defined one, but still fluid.


Long black micro dreads –When you are patient enough to try some serious style, then you can go for this micro dreads. This style gives a wild and straggly look, which is very smooth and well maintained. Keeping your hair clean and moisturizer, give right balance style.


These micro dreads can pull into a low ponytail also. This is a very messy look, yet natural looking. With these styles, the overall look and the dreads will give you off, a carefree hippie vibe. Long intricate cornrows – every black men, try this intricate cornrows at some point.


African men even tried – Box fade cut, mini afro, low tapered afro, low side parted taper, long tight taper etc are some prominent hairstyles of them. They stay unique, with their own styles and natural look.

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