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Long hair with bangs for women.


Long hair is a dream any woman can only hope for. The long tresses and the healthy shine and the full volume is a vision to behold. While we are not Rapunzel, we definitely are capable of keeping long hair that defines womanly features and bring out grace in us.  Maintaining long tresses are no doubt a difficult job, but when in good health, they make us effortlessly feel better.


Long hair while a trend it itself has been made even more popular with the invention of bangs. These short styles of hair framing the face are able to take at least 5 years off our face. The fresh and young appeal that having bangs can give to a woman take no efforts.


Be it in fringe, in side partings or even blunt bangs, there are a number of ways to wear them. Why do women love bang so much all across the globe, apart from how it magically makes us look younger? Would it have to do with the fact that bangs can go on any kind of hair, on any length and texture and color? Perhaps yes.  Apart from women who has very kinky hair, bangs go on almost everyone.


We have seen many women wearing the hairstyle and from time to time, the bangs with the long hair has manage to bring us some inspiration to cut our own locks cut down to style at the front.


For thick voluminous wavy or even straight hair, the blunt ended bangs that fall to cover the forehead right above the eyebrows, or even brush the eyes are very complimenting. If you’re not a fan of such a bold cut, thinner bangs are suggested, as they give the same appeal with lesser drama. This can also be suggested for women with thinner hair volume as bringing into much hair for the blunt bangs will reduce the volume of the rest of the hair.


The long tresses can then be styled into pretty waves or loose curls and they can even go for straight hair. Otherwise, for those casual days, you can always tie your hair back up into a ponytail which, in our opinion is nothing less.  Braids also work great and so do interesting hairstyles like top knots. They look great with wispy bangs.


For the less bold women, side swept bangs are an option best kept. They give the appeal that regular bunt bangs do, but with the less drama and more elegance. Either keep them noticeable or have them bend in to the long locks, they have the same effect.


For some inspiration, you can check out Lea Michelle, Liv Tyler and Dakota Johnson, who are known for their famous bangs. These women give some serious long-hair-with-bang crush that we would jump to get these sweet, adorable yet stylish look. Besides, girls love looking young. Feel free to get inspired and ask your stylist for the best bangs that will suit you.

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