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Long fringe hair for women


The fringe hairstyle has been in and around for some time. Even with all the new haircuts and styles that have been coming up, fringes never seem to go out of style. Most of us have probably sported the fringe once in our lifetime, but time and time again, we will get inspired to have our hair cut off into those straight lines above our eyebrows.


Whether be it on straight hair or on wavy hair, fringes have a way of making a woman look younger. We have seen JLo sporting it, and we see it more often on Zoey Deschanel and at one point we have probably gone to the parlor had it cut off to sport the same look.


They even come in various textures. Whether it be thin wispy fringes or the thicker full ones. They are an instant way to make statement with your hair. Plus, with the cut, much less id required to do to the hair, which means no styling required. It is a style in itself. So get those scissors ready because we about to explore just how glamorous or sweet this hairstyle can make us look.


We cannot forget the typical French girl cut with the thick bangs and the short bob. The black tresses are the classic chic on women with high cheekbones and oval face.


A slightly different version of this is the lob with a thinner fringe. The bangs look great either kept straight at the center, falling to the face, or even when it is swept to the sides. This look however looks best on medium voluminous hair but hair or any color can carry this off.


For the shyer ones who are just beginning to wear this look, but is not yet bold enough to have the straight cut above their eyebrows, a side long fringe with prove to look great on them, without giving an abrupt change in their look. Take a note from Emma Stone on how to achieve this look. She pulls it off flawlessly.


While the fringes are usually kept falling straight to the eye or are generally side swept, the center parted fringe are another style statement in itself. Behati Prinsloo shows us how to pull it off with style, wispy thin fringes are better suited for the center parting.


While we often see fringes to be sported in straight hair or wavy ones, there have been women to sport the curly hair and the fringe in one look with some great taste. We can’t help but appraise them.


The fringe while a style in itself, can be bought up into a number of different combination of hairstyles. The top knotted bun, an elegant up do, a trendy half up and half down, or even free flowing with amazing set of curls, these bangs are a great one to sport.


The fringe haircut is having its glorious moments and we are excited about it. We hope you take a cue to get some inspiration out of this and check out the best one that will suit you, be it face framing bangs or short neat and straight ones. This is instant glam assured.

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