Long Dread Hairstyle



9. Long Dread hairstyle


Want to wear a really insane hairdo? Then, all you got to do is neglect your hair to form the dreads. Dreadlocks is an incredibly amazing hairstyle which came into existence due to culture and religion. But, nowadays, it is in existence as a popular hairstyle which is considered to be a style statement of many which includes even celebrities. This is a unique styling form which sought after by many Afro-Americans.


Celebrities have a thing for dreads as it is such a notable style. Zendaya came with clean-cut dreadlocks for Oscars. Lauryn Hill back in 90s had remarkable dreadlocks as remarkable as her music. This person wraps a scarf or hat on her dread, yes, you are right, Erykah Badu. Even Shakira had a hand on dreads; you know it was just a loose dreadlock. Is there a style which Lady Gaga don’t try? So here we go, she sported dreads too back in 2013. The gorgeous Ciara too tried it, seems as though all the singers has rocked this style. Then, it is Lisa Bonet, who is popularizing this hairdo ever since 1990s. Done with the women, just want to specify one man who sported dreadlocks, even now making it famous after death, Bob Marley.




The dreadlocks are also called as dreads which are a matted or coiled hair which can be formed by back combing or by tight twists. At times, the hair is not maintained or even washed in order to form its own dread. The history of this hairstyle is dotted back to North and West African tribes. The traces of this style are also found in the Ancient Greece, Ancient Egyptian and Hindu culture in relation to religion. Even today, you can find Hindu Sadhus or holy hermits with jata (dreadlocks). This hairstyle is linked with Rastafarian movement which considered Haile Selesie I, as the Messiah.


The hairstyle gained popularity in 1970s with the growth of Reggae music and then connected to the hippies and goths. The styling differs over the time as the dread tresses can be created by neglecting the hair completely or by perming or crochet hook used in the salon.


Do know what to do with your long dread, isn’t it? Actually, more styling can be done, if the hair is longer. You can let it free to hang on your back, you take part on the centre or on the sides of your head, you can also leave it on one shoulder, you can add accessories if you want, sport an amazing hair dye to look cool or you can also make knot or pony with it.


Create your own fashion statement with just an up-do. All you have to do is gather the locks and tie it on the top. It is much easier for thin dreads compared the thick dreads which can cause problems. Braided dreads are much elegant and neat for a social gathering. Another style is ponytail of dreads, which gives a cute look. The messy bun or side bun can be formed with dreads for a neater look for formal events. Partial dreadlocks are infamous as the front hair is free of dreads.


Add more style to your stylish hairstyle by adding hair accessories such as ribbons, beads or strips. The funky look can be created with help of extension or candy cane or cyber lox or just wrap.


Or, just leave whatever is said in the article, create your own style. Don’t do whatever us mention here, just play with dreads and do whatever you’re comfortable with. Add whatever highlight or dye, you want to add. There is no need to worry about going wrong, as the dreadlock itself is a unique hairdo. Hence, feel free and do your own funky and cool hairstyle which defines you.

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