Long Box Braids Hairstyles



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Long box braids for women/black women


Box braids are so much in trend among black women and we have been spotting them wear it for so long. For those of us who do not know what box braids are, these braids are individual plaits divided or sectioned into small squared parts or what we call boxes. While the braids itself may range in length and thickness, natural or synthetic hair may be added to the braids. This is done so for thickness as well as length, in some cases.


So why are these braids so popular? In addition to the unique style, there is added protection from the extra hair that is being incorporated into the braids which, in a way protects the natural hair beneath it. Another plus point is that it can be kept for a long period of time, about 8 weeks at the most. To preserve the style and maintain it, a touch up is often suggested every four to six weeks. This would ensure a longer time for the braids to be kept. If not, we can always rebraid it into another favorable style that would look great.


So when we talk about long box braids, we think about all the black women who are out there rocking this look while effectively protecting their tresses. We know that it takes time for the hairstyle to be done because it is one tedious job, but we all agree that the end results are worth it.


Like all hairstyle, the box braids also come in various sizes and we cannot help but notice the trendy and stylish ways in which some women have been sporting this style.

These hairstyles can look great depending on the quality of the extension used and the type of braid done. The bigger box braids take a shorter time while the smaller ones take longer, but none the less, looks just as gorgeous.


Adding in some colors can give an edgy and funky look to the braids. While additional accessories such as beads are also a wonderful addition to the length. Either being spread across the individual plaits or done at the tips, the beads can add up some serious cool trend.


The box braids can then again be styled into a number of ways. The top half bun seems to be a popular choice that we have observed. The voluminous bun sitting on top gives that chic black woman look that a lot of women love.


Another style is the braid on braid. With these long braids, getting a fishtail done with the thick or thin strands are probably one of the coolest hairstyles ever done. This is one unique way to spice up the plain braids, which otherwise themselves are already great.


So whether you pull up the whole bunch into a bun, come up with half up and down styles or let the fall free down your back, these long box braids are a great look on any black women. We especially have a crush on the long medium sized neat ones they are simply the classiest box braids, but we cannot ignore the bigger braids and the ultra-small ones either.


Kudos to all the black women rocking this look. We heart it.

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